Published On: Fri, Sep 30th, 2016

Treating the Person as a Whole

Any time a person seeks treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, it is important to remember that there is more to the situation than the physical effects.  The person’s mental state will also play a role in their recovery.  Emotional needs and physical demands will have a direct impact on how the person responds to the treatment plan that was developed for them.  The treatment plan used must be holistic in that it addresses all aspects of their care if it is to truly create a healing response and allow them to recover.

Addressing the Physical

Addressing the physical aspects of addiction is important if the drug and alcohol rehab program is going to work.  The physical toll that drugs and alcohol can have on the body is devastating.  All aspects of physical function are hampered or tampered with in some way.  This means that the person must deal with the mental aspect of having to cope with changes in the body and the emotional stress of not being able to do many of the things they did before their health issues began.  The physical symptoms of withdrawal can be distracting and extremely painful, depending on the severity of the addiction.  Doctors can prescribe medications to help control the discomfort associated with many of these symptoms.

photo Danielle Catrett White

photo Danielle Catrett White

Connecting the Emotional 

Addiction treatment centers must recognize the importance of holistic methods of healing if the program is to be effective.  As the physical body heals, the person’s emotional state may go through a myriad of changes.  The range of emotions can go from one extreme to another in a very short amount of time.  Feelings of depression can lead to anger, regret, and irritability.  Every patient will process these emotions differently due to the circumstances of both their life as well as their addictive behaviors.  Treatment plans must address the emotions each person has and connect them with the reason behind the addiction.  Knowing why the person chose to use drugs and alcohol in the first place provides them with a foundation to build from when it comes to recovery and long term healing.

Freeing the Mind

When the physical constraints of the addiction have been lifted and the emotions behind the cause of the addiction have been processed and learned from, the mind is allowed to move forward, free of the hindrances of the past.  For true healing and recovery to take place, the entire problem must be faced.  The problem only remains ugly when it is allowed to hide in the darkness.  Uncovering the emotions that started the process will allow the mind to move forward without the fear of being drawn back into same pitfalls.  The physical aspect of recovery gives the person a clean slate and allows them to feel their best, not just emotionally, but in how their body functions.  They can breathe easier, experience less pain and get back to the joy of living life to the fullest.  

 Addiction treatment centers that use holistic methods help their patients create positive lifestyle habits that will support them through the many challenges they will face during recovery.  Treating the whole person attacks the addiction from all sides, giving the patient the peace of mind they need to move forward and maintain a healthier, happier, and sober life.  Each person will recover in different ways, but the key to every successful recovery is treating the person as a whole. 

Author: Joyce Kim

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