Published On: Fri, Sep 9th, 2016

TRANSCRIPT: Tim Kaine tells voters to reject Donald Trump’s bigotry, racial discrimination

There is a lot at stake in this university, and I think you understand this at FAMU. This is a wonderful historically black college and university with a great tradition. We have a few great HBCUs in Virginia too – Virginia Union is two miles from our house; Virginia State and Norfolk State; your homecoming opponent this year, Hampton University, in Virginia. But I mean, hey, we’re all in the family. We’re all in the family. HBCUs play an important role producing 65 percent minority engineers in the country, overwhelming numbers of minority physicians, dentists, veterinarians, scientists. HBCUs have a role that’s every bit as important today and tomorrow as it was when universities like FAMU were founded. Give it up for FAMU and all the great HBCUs that are such an important part of this country.

Hillary Clinton and I understand the importance of HBCUs, and that’s why we have an initiative as part of our education plan to grow jobs in the 21st century, to invest $25 billion in HBCUs so we can keep training the talent pool for the 21st century. And that’s together with other investments, pre-K education, career and technical education, debt-free college for Americans. That’s something we can do.

And these are the issues that are at stake in this election. If I can just say, there are a lot of issues that are at stake in the election, but since I started off and I talked about Women’s Equality Day, let’s just take equality – let’s just take the principle that we stated in 1776 would be the North Star for our nation. When Virginians put that in the Declaration of Independence, they weren’t living that way. Nobody was living that way. But still, they had a wisdom to tell them to put that out as a North Star that would measure our progress as a people. And for 240 years, we’ve been knocking down one barrier after the next, trying to live more like we said we were going to live in 1776. That’s something to think about on Women’s Equality Day, and that’s something to think about as we approach this election.

I think you know Hillary Clinton’s history. She was a law student at Yale who could have done anything; instead she said, ‘I want to work with the Children’s Defense Fund.’ She worked – she went to South Carolina to help investigate racial disparities in the juvenile justice system; went to Alabama to investigate disparities in the school system. As a young lawyer, Anne and I got out of law school and Anne worked with legal aid in Richmond, Virginia, and I was a civil rights lawyer battling against housing discrimination.

At the very time we were doing these things, Donald Trump was starting out too, and his firm was getting sued for racial discrimination in the issuance of housing. This is a fundamental difference between the two tickets, and it’s fundamental to the values that we hold as a nation.

You’ve also seen Hillary Clinton as a First Lady of Arkansas build up maternal and child health; as the First Lady of this country worked so that eight million low-income kids could have health insurance; as a Senator fighting for military families, fighting for first responders’ health after the 9/11 attacks; and as Secretary of State making sure that women and children in the countries around the world have the attention of the U.S. Government. Hillary Clinton has had a career and track record of success and support for equality and the causes that we hold dear.

photo/ Mary Pahlke via pixabay

photo/ Mary Pahlke via pixabay

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