Published On: Tue, Aug 9th, 2016

TRANSCRIPT: Tim Kaine accepts VP nomination, running with Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton speaking in Columbus, Ohio  By Michael Davidson for Hillary for America

Hillary Clinton speaking in Columbus, Ohio By Michael Davidson for Hillary for America

Soy católico, soy católico.  I’m a Catholic. And Hillary is a Methodist, but I tell you, her creed is the same as mine:  ‘Do all the good you can.’  Pretty simple. Do all the good you can.  Measure your life by the positive effect you can have on other people’s lives.  Be of service to one another.  Now, that’s a notion that Americans of every faith tradition and every moral tradition believe in, and it’s a message that Hillary Clinton has taken to heart for her entire life, for her entire life.

Fighting for children and families, like when she was First Lady.  After she tried and a recalcitrant congress blocked her in the big advance that we needed on health care reform, she said you know what, I’m not stopping; if we can’t get it all, can we pass a program to provide health insurance to 8 million more American children?  And that’s what she did. And that’s what she did.  That’s who she fought for.

Fighting for – fighting for equal rights for African Americans, for Latinos, for people with disabilities, for LGBT Americans – in the aftermath of the 9/11 attack, fighting tenaciously to make sure that 9/11 first responders in New York and other localities would get health benefits. Now, there are an awful lot of people – an awful lot of people who’ve put their trust and their faith in Hillary, and she’s always – and she’s always delivered for them, from working with the Children’s Defense Fund, to first lady of Arkansas, to first lady of the United States, to senator, to secretary of state, she has always delivered.  And – and you know what?  Here’s something you can tell about a great leader:  She not only delivers in the easy times or the simple times, she delivers in the tough times and she even delivers when she’s on the receiving end of one attack after another.  She never backs down.  She never backs down.

Hillary, whatever the drama, whatever the attack, whatever the situation, stays focused on what matters: helping people.  That’s what keeps her going.  So here’s how Hillary and I are going to continue that work: with a strong, progressive agenda. We’re going to make the American economy work for everybody, not just those at the top.  Not just those at the top. And we’ll do that by making the largest investment in good-paying jobs since World War II. We will make college debt-free for everybody. We’ll rewrite the rules so that companies share their profits with workers rather than ship jobs overseas, and we’ll make sure that Wall Street corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes.

And while we’re on the subject of taxes, where are Donald Trump’s tax returns?  Raise your hand if you think those returns would show that he’s paid his fair share of taxes.  Well, I don’t see a lot of – I don’t see a lot of hands.  We’re going to fight for paid family leave, equal pay for women, and raising the minimum wage to a living wage – to keep families together – to keep families together and to bring them out of the shadows.  In our administration in the first 100 days, we’ll put forward a comprehensive immigration reform package that includes a path to citizenship.

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