Published On: Fri, Jul 17th, 2015

‘Trainwreck’ review: Hysterical comedy, Bill Hader and Lebron James shine

Trainwreck, a romantic comedy opening July 17th in theaters, tells the story of a habitual one-night-stand career girl who can’t fathom the thought of ever settling down with just one person.

The predictable plot is that this crazy party girl meets a nice guy (Bill Hader), falls for him, loses him because she doesn’t know how to have a true relationship, and then changes her ways to win him back. No big surprise or plot twist there. But, even though the story is not original, the writing is hysterical!

Amy Schumer both wrote and stars in this wonderful blend of raunchiness and romance. The unique twist that this film presents is that it’s the female character that is the “wild one” and is the one who expresses most of the raunchiness on-screen similar to some of the female characters in Bridesmaids. Director Judd Apatow (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Wanderlust, Bridesmaids) can add this to his growing list of for-adults-only comedies.

I’m curious to see what lies ahead for Schumer. Will she become the female Seth Rogen or Paul Rudd? After thoroughly enjoying Trainwreck, I’m very excited about her future in films.

I have to take my hat off to Bill Hader for his role as the romantic lead. I really didn’t think he’d be believable as the straight character in a comedy.

Lebron James as the "Downton Abbey" loving best friend in "Trainwreck"

Lebron James as the “Downton Abbey” loving best friend in “Trainwreck”

Come on… he’s SNL’s Stefan! But he was fabulous!

He was totally believable and held his own although he wasn’t given hardly any of the lines that led to rip-roaring laughter like Schumer. Hader became the nerdy, successful, lovable good guy that every parent wishes their daughter would bring home and I’m still surprised at how well he pulled it off. He’s definitely established himself as a comedic actor, not just a comedian.

Another unexpected surprise was Lebron James. He stole every scene in which he appeared and seemed to really enjoy showing a softer side of himself in this film. But please don’t let anyone tell you anything about his role in the film so that it doesn’t ruin his unexpected impact for you.

This film is a great date night movie and well worth the price of admission. But be aware that we’re all probably going to have to rent it to watch at home, too. The machine-gun jokes were so funny and unexpected that you missed half of them because of the audience’s laughter. At home we have the convenience of that magical rewind button to ensure we don’t miss out on any of the comedy that was muted out by the theater audience’s response.

Just make sure the little ones have gone to bed before popping it in at home. If it’s on sale by Christmas, this film will definitely find its way under my tree. Are you listening, Santa?

Overall Trainwreck earns 3 1/2 stars out of 5 stars

Guest Author: Debbie Sage

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