Published On: Mon, Jun 11th, 2018

Traditional marketing strategies are making a comeback: What are businesses focusing on?

Fighting to make it in an extremely competitive industry? Are you active on social media and have invested money in Facebook ads but your brand doesn’t seem to move further? While you are trying to keep up with the latest marketing trends, you might have left behind the traditional means of actions used in this department back in the day. Once you begin researching the subject, you will be surprised to discover that those old-school means of marketing have become popular once again, being implemented by an increasing number of enterprises from various fields. Which exactly are the strategies that could help you move forward? What might you be currently overlooking and could positively influence your success? These are the options that seem to be making a comeback:

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Business cards

Let’s say you are attending  a local trade fare, and someone seems to be eyeing your business – perhaps an investor, a  potential business partner, or a regular consumer. They will probably want to do some research your enterprise on their own, besides listening to what you have to say about your products or services. The best manner to create the credibility and trust desired in your brand, as well as leave the right impression from the start is having a business card at close reach. Business cards are still an effective way of spreading the word out rapidly, and they also remain a sign of professionalism and reliability.  Business cards are cheap and accessible, so you have no reason why you shouldn’t produce at least a few of them. You will see for yourself how much they can contribute to your success, and if you are skeptical, you can always research the topic and see how this method has helped others in your position. Marketing experts will also not be able to deny their role.

Direct mail

A while back, when businesses wanted to let potential customers know about their deals and offers they used to send coupons or other promotional materials through regular postage. Things have changed since then, and lesser are the companies who still resort to direct mail. Well, this form of marketing strategy can however still work great. While consumers are being spammed with dozens or even hundreds of deals in their e-mail inbox, receiving actual envelopes seems to have turned into an appealing alternative. While not all recipients open the promotional envelopes found in their mail, the percentage of those who do seems to increase lately. Whether it’s a discount coupon, a printed newsletter or any other type of promotional material that you think works best for your company giving direct mail marketing a try is recommended however, just to make things more effective, try to create an appealing visual design for your envelopes and to put thus your brand in the best light possible. More businesses seem to resort to http://www.kiasuprint.com/instant-pre-inked-self-inking-rubber-stamps/products  for envelope and seal customization, and through personalization option chosen carefully, you will contribute to the further effectiveness of this advertising move.


This advertising tactic maintains its relevance even in 2018, and while nit so many organization longer focus on radio ads, you could set yourself apart and take advantage of this strategy’s benefits. Being considered as a more intimate type of advertising, you can easily reach a specific target audience, and use the best methods to draw attention. Usually, people create a certain bond with their favorite Radio broadcast, so it will be extremely easy to get someone to look into your business’ offer by resorting to this move. You can discuss with an experienced marketer, if you want to be certain that your audio ad actually brings you the desired outcomes.

Handing out flyers

The reason why so many companies have returned to the classic hand out of flyers is the affordability linked to. Because the production of customized flyers does not involve the payment of unreasonable amount, it’s natural for enterprises on a budget to take this possibility into account once again. What a fun print and engaging details, those who receive the materials will certainly become at least slightly interested in what you have to offer, and might end up visiting your website. It only takes a small percentage of recipients to consider doing business with you, to achieve a profitability increase – and that is ultimately your biggest goal. Although the logistics of this action need to be carefully thought though, including strategically chosen locations, after you figure things out, you will manage making the most out of this method. You can also add a stamp on the flyer, and customized stamps will give a credibility boost to any business material, so it’s worth thinking about this option as well.

Pop-up stands

Whether it’s a at a local business fare, or in the middle of the city center, a pop-up stand is the type of traditional marketing move done right. Visual appeal will always function great in terms of drawing business, and if you have banners that immediately catch the eye of passer byes, it’s impossible not to determine at least a few of those seeing it to ask a few question regarding your offerings. With minimal budget required, and perhaps a few authorization, you can easily set up a pop up stand in your preferred location and start promoting your services/products the old-school way.

While it might seem hard to believe that traditional marketing strategies are truly taken into account once again even by the big players of the business world, things seem to be that way lately. Various enterprises are going back to the basics when it comes to methods that target brand credibility increase and success boost and after analyzing the information mentioned above, perhaps you should consider doing the same. Now everyone is relying on digital tools for business image improvement, but techniques such as direct mail or regular flyer hand-outs have become less practiced, so surprise consumers with these strategies, and drawing their interest will be a natural outcome.

Author: Cynthia Madison

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