Published On: Thu, Nov 26th, 2015

Trade24 Set to Establish Their Own Trading Campus

Trade24 was established in 2007 and is now a leading global provider of online forex and CFD trading services. Established by experienced professionals from the banking industry, Trade24 works towards achieving its goal of providing regular people with access to the world of forex and CFD trading, which was largely dominated by banks and investment funds at the time the company was launched. Trade24 offers traders the ability to achieve financial freedom by trading all liquid FX pairs and commodities.

Client Satisfaction

Trade24 puts their clients’ satisfaction at the top of their priority list, with a support team standing ready to answer any queries, questions or requests. The support team consists of a group of dedicated and experienced financial professionals, who work as personal account managers for clients during UK and USA trading hours. Trade24strives to achieve quality customer service on a daily basis, with a dedicated management team on hand to supervise customer support operations in order to ensure satisfaction.

photo by photoSteve101 via Flickr

photo by photoSteve101 via Flickr

Recent Growth

Thanks to the superb level of customer service offered by Trade24, client satisfaction and more has brought about recent record growth. In light of this, Trade24 are looking for their own corner in the world, and are looking to establish their own trading campus. With building set to begin in late 2016, the campus is rumoured to be modelled after the trading campuses of online giants Facebook and Google, and will include a financial library, gym, kindergarten and a range of further recreational facilities. The main purpose of the campus is to ensure that all Trade24 employees are well looked after to promote contentment and happiness in the workplace. As a result, Trade24 hopes to have employees that are even more engaged, productive and ready to deliver outstanding customer service to their clients.

Family Ethics

The CEO of Trade24, Michael Gruszelius, states that all management employees of Trade24 very much see themselves as a family, and a recent survey has brought to light that lower level employees also share this family ethic. Gruszelius aims to take this to the next level through the building of the campus, and has involved all Trade24 employees in the trading campus planning process. “It was important for us to let the people that are going to work here develop their own work environment”, says Gruszelius. He reported that a number of interesting ideas were brought forward by employees, and whilst unfortunately all of them could not be accommodated for, many will be implemented at a later stage. Trade24 as a company values the wishes and needs of their employees, and seeks to further accommodate their employees through the campus establishment.

State of the Art and Next Generation Trading Tools

Currently, Trade24 already provides its clients with cutting-edge, state of the art trading platforms in order to ensure successful and reliable trading. Trade24 gives its clients the ability to trade from wherever they are, by offering downloadable, web-based and mobile trading versions of their trading platforms. Trade24 pride themselves on their use of the latest state of the art technology, and plan to use the new campus as a way to allow the Trade24 R&D department full focus when it comes to developing the next generation of trading tools. Trade24 hope that the campus will give them the edge over the competitors and allow them to stay at the forefront of cutting edge trading technology and tools.

What is a Trading Campus?

Trading campuses are company headquarters designed to be better than your average office. Walk into the main offices at Google or Facebook and you’ll find comfortable couches for employees to relax on, along with an array of free goodies such as candies and sodas. Employees at Facebook are encouraged to bring their dogs along to work, whilst Google employees are given bicycles to travel around their large, mountain-view state of the art campus. You’ll find a cutting edge gym, Starbucks and other recreational facilities for employees at both – it’s all designed to make staff feel like they haven’t even come to work.

It will be interesting to see exactly what the new trading campus for Trade24 will have on offer for its employees once it’s complete. With plans based around real employee wishes, it’s definitely going to be a once in a lifetime place to work.

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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