Published On: Mon, Apr 8th, 2013

Tracy Spiridakos talks ‘Revolution’ season 2, Charlie seeking revenge and the ‘exciting’ script

From WonderCon comes an update on one of TV’s popular shows, Revolution, which heads into season 2. Star Tracy Spiridakos explains playing the revenge driven lead character Charlie.

tracy-spiridakos-revolution photo“It’s very interesting to play.  I’ve had a lot of fun with Charlie because I feel as though her growth and her character arc is very cool and very unique to what everybody else has got going on.  I love the fact that she comes from a place where she was a little bit more wide-eyed and naive and so innocent.  Throughout the experience, with the audience, she gets to grow and learn, and the audience gets to watch her develop and grow into a warrior.  So, this whole revenge thing is going to be interesting.  It’s interesting to see her battle between whether she’s going to go to the dark side, if you will, or if she’ll be able to keep her humanity.”

The character’s been torn in a world away from her parents, but now takes orders and may have found the surrogate father in her Uncle Miles.

“Miles is not only her parental figure, if you will – which I think was earlier on – but they’ve grown to be quite close.  He’s her best friend and somebody that she trusts implicitly.  Throughout the first half, she didn’t trust him because she kept finding out all these things.  She’s the only person that doesn’t know anything, by the way.  People were like, “Oh, yeah, I knew you did that,” and she was like, “What?!”  So, Miles is that person where now they’ve grown to a place where they’re a lot more equal.  Miles has a lot more of the training and all that stuff, but she’s not a valuable asset to this war, and that’s fun.  Their relationship definitely grows even further, which is really cool.”

Spiridakos even talked about how impressive and surprising the scripts are at first read.

“It’s really cool.  Especially finding out about the whole power thing and what’s gone on there, and how we all develop and grow and where everybody ends up.  I seriously cannot wait.  I’m so excited for it to be back on because I can’t wait for everybody to watch it.  We’ve had a blast doing it.  I can’t wait to read what’s coming up.  We’re filming the last episode now, and then I have to go back to real life.  That’s not cool!”

Check out the entire interview here.

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