Published On: Fri, Apr 23rd, 2021

Toxic work environment: 5 signs you need to hire an employment lawyer

A toxic work environment makes it difficult for employees to function. Moreover, it robs them of their mental and emotional peace. Disturbance due to other employees and the employer will likely push a person to leave an organization.

In addition to this, discrimination in the office environment demotivates employees and negatively impacts their work. As an employer, an unproductive workforce and high turnover rate are unpleasant scenarios for an organization. As an employee, one must be aware of what constitutes workplace harassment to take the right course of action for your mental peace. In case you want to take legal action, an employment lawyer can be of assistance.

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Employment discrimination

A manager, supervisor, or colleague may discriminate against another employee based on gender, race, age, sexual orientation, disability, etc. Such type of discrimination should have a zero-tolerance policy. Any employee seen discriminating against another individual should be handled appropriately. Likewise, many women face discrimination due to pregnancy and motherhood. An employer may prefer a male or another employee over a pregnant woman. It also counts as employment discrimination.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment includes behaviors of sexual nature, where an employee may request sexual favors or make sexual advances at an individual. These include ludicrous remarks, gestures, and physical contact. As a result, the victim may feel humiliated and intimated

About 72% of workplace harassment victims do not report it to relevant authorities. And while 98% of companies have a policy regarding sexual harassment in the office, about 51% of companies implement it. 

These numbers are astonishing and go on to show the barriers that people face when reporting such cases. One way to sort this is by hiring an employment lawyer who can guide you.

Disability discrimination

Discrimination, based on disability, may cause a lot of distress for an individual. This type of discrimination refers to an employer not choosing an employee because of a disability (despite being the right person for the job). It can lead to fewer job opportunities and career growth. Disability discrimination also includes when an employee is unfavorable to a person who has a family member with a disability. For instance, if an employee’s spouse is disabled. People face discrimination in various scenarios, including during the hiring process, promotion. Such actions marginalize a valuable part of the community. 

Severance agreement

When your job is terminated due to downsizing or other reasons, your employer may ask you to sign a severance agreement. However, you are under no obligation to sign such an agreement. In such an instance, you must seek counsel from an attorney. 

Unequal pay

The gender gap for equal pay is a striking one that needs to be remedied. Many organizations are passing policies related to equal pay for the same amount of work. However, if your colleagues and co-workers are receiving more remuneration for an equal amount of work, it constitutes discrimination. 


Discrimination in the workplace leads to a toxic work environment, something that nobody should have to face. By knowing your rights, employees are in a better position to protect them against such advances. Moreover, an employment lawyer can help you in this regard as well.

Author: Sheikh Huzaifa

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