Published On: Tue, Jan 17th, 2017

Top Ways to Feel More Beautiful in a Short Space of Time

It doesn’t matter what we look like, what size we are, whether we are single or with a partner, there is always a time when we need to feel that little bit more beautiful about ourselves. Feeling good about yourself gives you a great amount of confidence in your daily life, it can help you to be a better friend, lover, sibling or parent and it will give you the extra spring in your step that you need to live each day with a smile on your face. To help you feel beautiful without too much effort, here are some tips which you can follow.

photo/ Manuel Alejandro Leon via Pixabay

Have Some Surgery

Surgery is not the big scary and expensive thing that it used to be and these days ether are lots of treatments out there which you can have done to help perk you up a little bit. I recently had a little liposuction done recently at a local clinic called Sono Bello and it made me feel amazing. Despite losing quite a bit of weight recently I still had some areas of fat that I just couldn’t shift and this procedure got rid of them in no time at all, have a look at the Sono Bello reviews to see for yourself just how good a little surgery can make you feel.

Drink More Water

Drinking more water each day can make you feel incredible healthy and beautiful both on the inside and the outside. It sounds super simple, and it really is, but many of us simply don’t take enough water on board each day, you should be aiming for between 2-3 liters per day. When you don’t drink enough water it can leave your body dehydrated, this in turn can leave your body feeling weak, a sever lack in your energy levels and it can dry out your skin. After just a few weeks of sufficient water intake your skin will feel beautiful and you will have more energy than you know what to do with.

Go Shopping

There are fewer things in this world that can help you feel beautiful than to go shopping and buy yourself some new outfits. Many of us get stuck in the habit of wearing the same things day in and day out and it really doesn’t make us feel very excited to put our clothes on each day. Pick a weekend day, give your girlfriends a call and go and hit the shops. Look out for clothes that fit well on you and match the seasons, avoid buying things that look ‘comfy’ this is about feeling beautiful not feeling like you want to snuggle up by the fire. Consider also picking up lots of shiny pieces of jewelry to enhance your look,.

With just a few small changes to your life you can instantly feel more beautiful and more confident and you will find that your ability to deal with stress will improve and that you will have far more energy in the day.

Author: Anwar Hossain

© Photographer – James C. Mutter / Facial Plastic Surgeon Amir Karam, MD

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