Published On: Fri, Jul 14th, 2017

Top Tips for Writing a Strong Admission Essay

What is an admission essay? And why is it so important for US colleges and universities?

While most European universities offer their future students to take several exams, US teachers and professors ask their entrants to prepare and present an admission essay. An admission essay is a piece of writing, which shows your ability to write well, your attitude towards education, and your fit to the chosen university or college. This essay will help the committee understand your personality, intellectual curiosity, and educational achievements. In this essay, you can explain what your main positive features and unique skills are.

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So, how can an average entrant create an admission essay, which will be powerful enough to be accepted at the desired university? You can use the main tips described in the paragraph below or you can go to https://academicsavers.com/admission-essay/  for professional advice and support. The choice is yours. Adjust your expectations and make the first step.

5 Tips for a Strong Admission Essay

  • Focus on one thing. Don’t try to describe everything in one essay. Choose one preferable theme, issue, or person to start with. When a student tries to write about many things in one small piece of writing, he/she tends to make it too boring, flat, and watered down. Always use the method of brainstorming before writing your essay. Choose only a few good ideas.
  • Avoid perfection. This means you shouldn’t describe yourself as an ideal person without flaws and weak sides. Be objective. Feel free to describe what aspects are more difficult for you than others. No one expects you to be a perfect student.
  • A clear thesis. Your admission essay should contain a clear thesis, describing what you are going to tell about.
  • Proofreading. Never neglect additional proofreading and editing. Give your admission essay to someone else who knows you a little bit more than others. Ask them to read your essay aloud and to tell what impressions they have after reading it.
  • The simpler the better. Many students write about too difficult things to make their essays stand out. And those essays become complex, even for themselves. In reality, the essays that stand out the most are about simple things and everyday topics. The simpler your essay the better. What is important is that your essay should express your personality, experiences, and perspectives. The main aim of the admission essay is to help the committee to know the applicant.

So, the main components of the strong admission essay are focus, realness, clear thesis, good grammar and spelling, and simplicity. And keep your essay short. Don’t try to make it as long as a novel. Just avoid common mistakes, carefully consider what you are going to write about, and present your personality to the committee in the best way possible.

Author: Julia Smith

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