Published On: Sat, Mar 2nd, 2019

Top Things for Couples to do in Dubai

We agree that if you are going to Dubai as a couple (married or unmarried); you require abiding by certain undisclosed rules and regulations. However, that does not mean that Dubai is not an ideal place for couples. In fact, Dubai has a lot to offer for couples who are attempting to rekindle their romance, ignite a spark in their monotonous relationships, and spend timeless moments together. In this post, we are going to share with you the top things that you will enjoy doing as a couple in Dubai.

Dubai continues to be a hot spot pictured/Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world photo/Alberto G Rovi via wikimedia commons

Best Things to do in Dubai for Couples

  •         Going to the Spa together

If you are looking to take a break from your monotonous and busy daily routine and rejuvenate your physical and mental self, then nothing is more idea than going to a spa. You can spend some quality time with your partner as the majority of the hotels in Dubai provide full-day spa treatments and provide a variety of methods to relax your body and mind, in which a couple can participate together.

  •         Dinner cruise in Dubai Marina

There is no better option for couples to spend a cozy evening other than going to a dinner cruise in Dubai Marina on a traditional dhow. Dhows were actually the wooden boats utilized for fishing in Dubai. However, now modern fishing vessels have taken the place of dhows. Dhows were almost extinct, but some entrepreneurs saw a wonderful opportunity in them. They refurbished the boats and transformed the same into a floating restaurant.

As a couple, you can enjoy a warm candlelight dinner over the dhow while savoring the beautiful skylines and marine views of the city of Dubai. Food is fantastic and you get to witness a live dance and a singing program. Overall, as a couple, you can spend some great moments over the dhow dinner cruise in Dubai Marina. Another good thing about the dhow dinner cruise is that it is affordable and will fall in any kind of budget.

  •         Visit a Mall together

Dubai is the home to some of the biggest malls of the world. You can spend hours together shopping in these malls. Besides shopping, you can enjoy movies in the fantastic multiplexes present insides these malls. The Mall of Emirates in Dubai even holds an indoor ski resort. Hence, the list of things that you can do as a couple in the malls of Dubai is endless.

  •         Horse Riding

How can we not do horse riding with our partner when we are in Dubai. Al Dhabi Horse and Rental Farm is one of the best places in Dubai if you want to enjoy some horse riding over the sand dunes. As a couple, you can enjoy horse riding doubly and spend some moments of the lifetime together.

  •         Sky Diving

If you and your partner share an adventurous soul then you can go for tandem sky diving in the city of Dubai. In fact, sky diving is one of the great ways to introduce a thrill in your relationship. Dubai has one of the world’s most professional skydivers who are well experienced and know skydiving from A to Z. One of the most popular skydiving places in Dubai is Skydive Dubai.

  •         Enjoy a gourmet breakfast over a hot-air balloon

Imagine having breakfast in a hot air balloon in the sky with your partner. For some, it might be scary and for some, it might be incredibly romantic. So, if for you it is romantic, please go ahead and experience it. You will even get a free pickup depending upon the place where you are staying. Experience the skyline of Dubai by being a part of the very skyline. The hot-air balloon ride is one of the unforgettable experiences for couples in Dubai.

  •         Take Dance Lessons

Are you looking for an intimate get-together with your partner? Why do not you and your partner go ahead and take dance lessons together? Dubai has one of the world’s best dance studios with professional dance instructors. Therefore, if you have sufficient days in hand, you and your partner can enroll for dance classes in Dubai and spend some intimate moments dancing. However, please note that you cannot start dancing on the streets of Dubai.

  •         Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is another activity in Dubai through which you can spend some great moments with your partner exploring the aquatic life of the Dubai coastline. Undoubtedly, and you too will agree with us that Dubai has one of the best aquatic and marine life. The clear waters of Dubai serve well to Scuba Divers.

  •         Visit a Park

There is a plenitude of parks to choose from in Dubai. You can plan a picnic with your partner and spend some good moments together among the natural greenery. If you both are more into fitness, you can enroll in yoga classes, which are extremely relaxing. Even doctors suggest doing yoga in the natural environment to reap more benefits of it.

  •         Overnight Desert Safari

Of course, in the morning and noon timings, there will be an incredible amount of heat in the desert regions. However, you can go for an overnight desert Safari together. If you are thinking that a desert safari merely consists of wandering over the sand dunes then think again. You get to enjoy camel riding, henna painting, and skiing, dinners, and dune bashing. If you were not interested in doing all this, then you would not choose to miss the view of the Dubai desert sky in the night.

Final Words

These were some of the major activities, which you can enjoy with your partner in the city of Dubai. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Dubai as a couple, you will have a lot on your itinerary to cover. Make sure you cover all the major ones and get an experience of a lifetime. It is wise to plan and do bookings in advance in order to save yourself from all the hassles later.

Author: Shivani Chambial

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