Published On: Wed, Jun 13th, 2018

Top Reasons Why Economics Tuition is Necessary in Singapore

The day you begin preparing for a job search is the moment your education will commence. Grades are extremely important in the Singapore education system as they help you in securing your course of study. This in turn leads into an excellent job opportunity for the successful learners. Private tuition expenditure has tremendously increased over time. Parents have no problem paying tuition fees for their kids. The high expenditure on tuition has resulted into great scrutiny in this industry. Why should a parent spend a lot of cash on tuition yet Singapore boasts of a world-class education system?


Here are some top reasons why economics tuition is necessary in Singapore.

  •    Students are Different

Good learners will tend to be consistent, organized, motivated, and driven in independently studying on their own. They like taking additional practices from sources that are outside their learning institution. The learners have good time management skills between non-academic activities and their academics. Most of these learners seek the guidance of their teachers whenever they are in doubt. Parents also participate in the learning process of their kids by striving to understand their learning needs.

However, all these students are not motivated intrinsically as some of them juggle with non-curricular activities and several other subjects they have to handle. Learners like to hang out with their friends after the school hours and have little time for self-study. On the other hand, parents work for longer hours which makes it hard for them to keep up with the syllabus that the learners are exposed to.

The education system in Singapore delivers mass lectures yet learners have different capabilities. This is a ‘one size fit all’ delivery system that is not be ideal for all learners. The learning capabilities of students to cope, remember, and comprehend the various teaching styles are quite different. Tuition comes in handy because the coach identifies the kinesthetic, auditory, and visual ability of the individual learner and responds to them effectively. As a subject, economics is a bit complicated and need one-on-one tutorship. Most parents run for economics tutorship to allow the learners to excel in their studies.

  •    School Teachers

Teachers have several subjects to handle in school and most classes have more than forty students each. The same teachers should also set aside time for other duties like administrative work, remedial classes, and marking the work of their students. Therefore, the teachers may not have enough time to attend to the individual needs of all learners. Singapore teachers have so much on their shoulders and students need additional attention to be able to get the best from this curriculum.

  •    Overwhelming Amount of Assignments and Homework

As the curriculum gets harder, teachers like to assign more practices that are meant to reinforce the concepts that they teach in class. Teachers who don’t give enough assignments to learners usually receive a lot of complaints from parents and learners. However, working smart is not about spending a lot of time in practicing the same questions blindly. It’s better to spend one or two hours under the guidance of a highly experienced economics tutor but grasp every concept that you are learning. JC economics tuition in Singapore has been playing a critical role in making sure that learners get to understand the economic principles within a short period. The most important thing is to develop better economists who have the capacity to add value to the global economy.

In summary, Singapore is a result-oriented society that puts a lot of emphasis on paper and grade qualifications. Having excellent grades opens up great opportunities for the learners’ career progression. This society has a low tolerance for failures and mistakes that have made most citizens become risk-averse. No wonder most parents have no problem paying premiums for the tuition of their kids. Even university students are looking for these economics tuition opportunities.

Author: Ariana Smith

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