Published On: Thu, Feb 23rd, 2017

Top reasons to choose satellite internet: Is it better than other internet options?

None of the businesses and households can choose to stay disconnected from the internet these days. Businesses need the most reliable connection which is required for continuing business in the best possible way. As the demand for staying connected keeps growing day by day, so does the business’ need to operate in even the remotest areas which don’t have any kind of telecom structure. Remote construction areas, oil and gas rigs are some of the typical examples of remotely located business and thanks to the development of satellite internet that offering internet solutions have become easier than ever.

Satellite internet connection has number of features and benefits over cable connection and this is making popular the trend towards connecting remote businesses using the technology like never before. There are solid plans from Exede satellite internet package. What are the reasons to go for these plans? Here are some you should know about.


  • This internet connection is readily available


As long as rural internet connections are concerned, the choices apart from satellite internet are usually pretty slick. DSL internet is one of those choices which majority of the Americans usually opt for but sadly enough this doesn’t reach a large part of the nation. In case you’re more than 18,000 feet farther from your DSL provider, you won’t get flawless connection. To add to your confusion, the internet connection even gets poorer as it gets further from the main hub. But luckily, this won’t be a problem for satellite internet. Since the satellites are revolving around the orbit of the Earth, satellite internet can be easily found anywhere. In fact, their coverage area is even getting bigger than before.

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  • Satellite internet is way faster as compared to other internet options (mostly rural)


Yet another service which people living in the country usually choose is dial-up connection but little do the people know that this is nothing but a mistake. Since dial-up connection has a much longer range than the DSL one, it is a painfully slow connection. The majority of them don’t even exceed 56 kbps and this is just nothing as compared to satellite internet packages. If you choose satellite packages from Exede, you can get speeds up to 12 mbps as they’re offering service that is way ahead of dial-up connections.


  • Setting up this connection


Another option is fiber optic cable which people have been using for some time but the implementation has always been slow. Establishing the kind of setup that you need to handle this can be expensive enough. This is again a place where the benefits of satellite internet become prominent. Setting up this connection is extremely easy and you don’t even require setting up yourself. The company guys will help you in installing.

Therefore, when you’re watching out for different internet options for your business or household, you should take into account the above mentioned options listed above. Satellite internet will definitely be one of the coolest choices for internet.

Author: Lolita Di

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