Published On: Sun, May 31st, 2020

Top Niagara Area Tourist Attractions to Visit in 2020

Choosing a destination to travel is very crucial and essential. Many features are included in choosing a proper destination to travel. The time, weather, area, season, everything is important and should be decided beforehand.

Niagara Falls is a beautiful destination and a place that should be chosen or should at least pop up in your list of places to travel. Its serene flow of water brings tranquility and a good state of mind.

This specific place is a big deal because it’s the famous waterfalls that give a picturesque view that is linked with the United States by the rainbow bridge. Now that gives multiple reasons why this is one of the geological wonders and one of the most famous waterfalls in the world.

It is a major spot for tourists for over more than 200 years as people from every corner of the world come to watch this beautiful waterfall. It is also very beneficial as it is a major source of hydroelectric power.

So, if you are wondering you can return home after watching the Niagara Falls then you are wrong. Well, there is more to Ontario. This Canadian city which is the home to the famous Niagara Falls has other tourist attractions as well.

Let us take a brief look at the other hot spots to visit around Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls photo by Daniel Mayer in late February 2006.

Butterfly conservatory

This butterfly conservatory is located on the Niagara parks botanical gardens and is home to over 2,000 butterflies which are of over 45 different kinds of species. The visitors, once they step inside this conservatory, are teleported to a land of paradise with beautiful butterflies out in the open.

This conservatory has a wide variety of exotic and tropical species. Many of the species present here are imported from different regions from around the world. Around 60% of the butterflies are brought in from Costa Rica, El Salvador, and the Philippines. The other 40% are bred in quarantine from a greenhouse that is located behind the conservatory.

Horseshoe Falls 

Niagara Falls is the name of one of the three waterfalls that collectively form the Niagara Falls. The three waterfalls that collectively form the Niagara Falls are the Horseshoe falls, American falls and the Bridal Veil falls.

Horseshoe falls or commonly called the Canadian falls is one out of the three waterfalls and is also the largest waterfall amongst the three. Horseshoe Falls are located on the Canadian side between Goat Island and Table Rock.

This waterfall is easily accessible through public transportation. But a more fun way to view this amazing site is to board one of the boat tours which goes that way.

White water walk

This is another one of the famous spots you can visit if you are planning a trip. White water walk is just 2 to 3 km away from Niagara Falls. It takes you down an elevator through a tunnel and then it reaches the boardwalk.

If you are a person who wants to take a stroll, then this place is the perfect place for you. As the boardwalk in white water walk runs for around 1,000 feet. It has a few stairs to make it easier for a better view and experience.

Along with a few stairs, it also has two areas that can be used to witness the river which flows at a great speed. It is the best place to enjoy this view from these areas.


Niagara sky wheel 


Niagara sky wheel is unlike any other giant wheels you have been on. It soars high up at the height of 175 feet above Niagara Falls. So, when you reach the high point you get the view of a lifetime. 

As you peek down, you get to see the mighty waterfalls. Hence, this sky wheel is the best to get a good view and snap good-looking pictures. It gives a unique sightseeing opportunity so the people can soak up the best view.

When you reach the high point, you get to experience a one of a kind view of the three falls which is the Horseshoe falls, American falls and Bridal Veil falls which make up the Niagara Falls.

Clifton hills 

This is another major tourist spot that people can visit. As it contains a lot of fun places which you can visit such as gift shops, wax museums, haunted houses, video arcades, restaurants, hotels, and other attractive shops.

For families and teenagers, Clifton hills is a major hub and amusement park to have fun or for nightlife.

Next time you make a plan to visit Niagara Falls, make sure you visit the other main tourist spots as well. We are sure you do not want to miss out on the best places. Ontario has a lot to offer with its beautiful places and other entertainment. Book Your Niagara Falls Party Bus now.

Author: Kamlesh Kumar

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