Published On: Mon, Dec 16th, 2019

Top Health Tech Trends to Consider This Year

The health care world never stops progressing. The industry essentially requires the latest technologies to deliver better caring for human health, since innovations assist with illnesses prevention and curing. Realizing such importance and relevance of healtech trends we shall give decent consideration to each one of them.

# Big Data

Such a tendency deserves to be the first one to get mentioned. The fact of the matter is that all the other 2019 health tech trends are somewhat related to Big Data, so we shall learn more about the given phenomenon.

Initially, the term was mentioned by one of the British magazines in 2008. Experts happened to notice such an exponential increase in data amounts and diversity, so the decision was made to give particular consideration to the issue. From that moment the phenomenon has started to evolve.

However, don’t mistakenly consider Big Data literally as only a wealth of info. In fact, we’re talking about a unique technique with particular instruments allowing information storage, analysis, and processing.

Over the past few years, Big Data has become part and parcel of IT development in multiple industries, including medicine.

Let’s look over the numbers… By the end of 2013, the US healtech branch had accrued around 153EB data. Specialists have every reason to expect in 2020 to accumulate 15 times more data that has to be analyzed and processed. We shall get prepared to manage such enormous amounts.

Big Data has a positive effect on the digital medicine sector in many ways. We shall distinguish a few of them:

  • Big Data helps medical organizations with raising profit and cutting spendings;
  • the technology provides forecasts for possible epidemics;
  • it serves to overcome diseases people suffer nowadays;
  • Big Data strives for identifying innovative treating techniques for better recovery;
  • technology in question carries out predicting modelings for producing medicines and creating new treatment methods;
  • it generates models of people’s health conditions, both geographical and social.

photo/ Gerd Altmann

What if someone is planning to develop a mobile app for an insurance company, for instance. Then it’s essential to be aware that Big Data comprises details gathered from multiple mines. To enjoy all the benefits such a trend delivers we shall know those sources:

  • studies and trials;
  • cards of patients under clinical treatment;
  • hospital tables and diagrams;
  • researchings on behavioral patterns of patients;
  • analysis on what patients buy and what they browse through;
  • diversified fitness and medical-purposed gadgets used at home;
  • records on hospital services delivered and drug store medicines sold.

Big Data application is already here and now. AstraZeneca and Sanofi are widely using the techniques in their Takeda Pharmaceutical project. They undertake studies on bowel syndromes and diabetes.

The rest of healtech trendings extensively benefit from the BigData possibilities. You’ll understand our point if you pursue to read.

# Predictability Analyst

That would be another critical point to take into account. As could be figured out from its name, the innovation serves to predict varied illnesses, and the results obtained are applied to enhance the probability to prevent such.

It’s pretty obvious that to assure the accuracy of the mentioned forecasting one shall require high-powered information generators having innovative and progressive processing solutions. Thus, we’re coming back to Big Data.

By bringing together achievements of BigData, AI and machine learning people get all the tools required for studying every particular instance in order to reach conclusions as to what could happen in a certain case. Obviously, we’re talking only about the health aspect.

When in need to collect data concerning patient’s physical well-being – for instance, pressure indicators, heart rates, and the like – we’ll need special wearables, and speaking of which…

# Wearable gadgets

Here’s another tendency to keep in mind. Multiple wearable devices have peculiar sensors to gauge surrounding parameters. They have tools to obtain data on the body’s critical functions and to evaluate the level of people’s physical activities. To get the possibility to analyze details received, computer or smartphone synchronization is required.

Mentioned equipment represents a bridge between medical web resources and healtech mobile applications. The thing is that applying only smart gadgets by themselves is almost useless since those instruments are unable to monitor health status. Only the joint usage of web and mobile solutions will do so.

We’re talking about wearable devices as one of health tech innovations, since:

  • they reduce hospitalizing risks;
  • wearables prevent illness progression;
  • such instruments reduce the odds of traumas;
  • they perform 24/7 monitoring of user’s states.

We shall move on to explore more innovations.

# Patient Awareness

It’s a proactive approach to better prevent illness than to treat it, so patient education should come to the rescue to achieve the objective.

The given innovation is somewhat close to predictive analytics, moreover, it serves patients to receive good advice. Those tips are to inform users about preventive measures of particular illnesses. Wearable gadgets are the source of information.

The data obtained could be applied for the following purposes:

  • to support medical staff while the treatment in such a way to discover the malfunctioning and diagnose patients as soon as possible;
  • to instruct patients themselves, so they pay proper attention to alarming signs when monitoring their physical conditions.

# Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the means to deliver medical care remotely. Thus, the most innovative telecommunication equipment together with digital appliances shall be implemented. Telemedicine is by right positioned on the list of the latest healtech tendencies this year.

How Telemedicine could be taken advantage of by the health sector:

  • The technology performs diagnostics in the remote mode;
  • Telemedicine ensures high-quality monitoring and professional counseling, allowing:
  • provide expertise medical advising;
  • prescribe medications;
  • monitor the progress of recovery periods remotely.
  • The mentioned trend offers Home Telemedicine, providing:
  • the initial diagnosing;
  • the examination of patients without the need for a doctor to visit patients personally.
  • Telemedicine can conduct training courses for various medical specialists to improve the qualification as to treatment methods;
  • The technique allows storing all medical details electronically according to multiple national and global requirements. The data is freely accessible any time people need;
  • Telemedicine supports multiple medical facilities in their communication.

Moreover, the technology is widely applied for disaster medicine purposes as well.

# Mental Health

You might think that the feature doesn’t make much sense here. However, let us try to convince you that mental health shall surely be presented as one of the healthcare IT trends.

We were truly shocked to find out the numbers of statistical data proving that 1 of 5 adult persons is suffering – one way or another – from stress. What’s even more disturbing is that most people cannot admit such a fact open. Then diverse web/mobile resources shall extend a helping hand – the innovations are to recommend a psychologist of different formats, offer the needed list of books, and give people guidance on various issues.

The US citizens are happy to get such assistance, and the technology is confidently flooding the international market as well. Therefore, mental health one hundred percent deserves to be called the newest healtech trend of 2019.

When designing a web or mobile medical platform, one shall unquestionably keep abreast of the times and widely apply the technologies available. Moreover, if moving even faster to anticipate the time and market demands, such a digital healthcare solution will surely become truly wanted.

Author: Anastasiia Taran

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