Published On: Tue, Aug 29th, 2017

Top Five Tips to Staying Healthy and Fit

Staying fit and healthy is a worthwhile goal that we can all aim for, but it can mean different things for different people. The key to achieving this goal is understanding your own body, your lifestyle, and any medical conditions you might have. One person might be healthy when they visit the gym five days a week and have great abs. Another might be healthy when they can walk to the shops and back without being breathless. But whatever your version of healthy and fit is, here are some general tips that can apply to everyone.

photo/ Steve Buissinne

Look at bad habits

A good starting point is to examine any bad habits you have and see what you can do about them. There are the big ones such as smoking or drinking too much alcohol, but then there are other smaller ones like grabbing an afternoon candy bar instead of an apple, or taking the elevator instead of the stairs. A few too many takeaway dinners might be a vice you can cut back on or drinking too many high sugar energy drinks.


There’s more to exercise than just burning off those calories, although that is a primary reason that so many people talk about it in glowing terms. Exercise helps to boost all the body’s systems, prompting them to work well. It also releases those feel-good hormones that boost your mood, making you feel better in your own skin and giving you a good buzz to get on with the rest of you day.


The use of the right supplements can help combat areas in your diet that you are struggling with or can help to boost natural substances in your body that you are lacking. Examples range from multivitamin tablets to testosterone booster supplements and all come with recommendations about taking them. Always be careful not to take more than one boosting the same thing and always check with a doctor or chemist if you are on any prescription medication as some can interact with them. For example, you can’t take anything containing grapefruit if you take statins.


The power of a good night’s sleep is well known to anyone who has sleep problems, but many of us take a good night’s kip for granted. We watch TV too late, play on games consoles, or use our smartphone to check social media. These things can harm the quality of sleep that we get and this, in turn, can affect our health. Try to do things before bed like reading a book or newspaper that isn’t so bright helps ease into sleep better.

Stress Management

Sometimes trying to manage stress seems as impossible as trying to control the weather. But there are lots of things we can do to help manage stress, relieve the symptoms of it, and to sometimes even avoid it. Look at stress relieving techniques ranging from mantras and positive thought regimes to doing activities that allow you to take out that frustration somewhere else – sports are ideal for this.

Be fitter and healthier

There’s no magic way to be fitter and healthier – it’s a combination of a number of factors that sometimes work really well and other times falter a little. But by focusing on as many of these elements as we can, we can achieve that!

Author: Zainab Sheikh

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