Top Comic Book Movies of All-Time

Ian McKellen as Magneto in X-MenThe summer has been flooded with “Top Lists” and there is more on tap. I’m still recovering from MTV’s “Top Voices” that included a rapper (Eminem), a dead rapper (Tu Pac), a screamer (Steven Tyler) and culminated with “Glitter” – Mariah Carey. Atticus Finch beat out Indiana Jones as AFI’s “Top Hero” and Universal’s “Animal Planet” very maturely avoided any Disney references in their “Top TV Animals of All Time.” The Wachowskis are atop the “Worst Sex Scenes of All Time” with “Matrix Reloaded”, Sean Connery’s accent in “The Untouchables” was chastided on one list while “Rolling Stone” praised the live performers such as U2. EW’s “Top Cult Movies” rocked this website and instigated a follow-up column.

Now comes Wizard’s, the premier comic book magazine, “Top 50 Comic Book Movie” and my response was – fifty?

How the heck are they going to come up with fifty?

Well, they didn’t and they acknowledge that with their comments on the latter half of the group.

We could debate the top ten – “X-Men” versus the original, “Superman” versus number two, and where does “Spider-Man” fit into all of this. More noteworthy is the recognition of “Road to Perdition” and “Ghost World” based on graphic novels by Max Allan Collins and Daniel Clowes respectively. John Q Public doesn’t even know the comic book ties of these two films, especially Sam Mendes’ “Road.”

So, add “Batman”, “Rocketeer”, “Blade” to get a Top Ten as follows:
1. X-Men 2
2. Spider-man
3. Superman 2
4. Superman
5. Road to Perdition

6. X-Men
7. Ghost World
8. The Rocketeer
9. Batman
10. Blade

The real entertainment in their list is at the bottom. “Batman & Robin” beats out “Steel” to get the prestigious honor of being number fifty.

The 90’s abominations of “Captain America” and “Fantastic Four” are here in the forties, but Dolph Lundgren’s “The Punisher” somehow snuck up to number twenty-nine. “Conan The Destroyer” and “Red Sonja” are seated in the forties while “Conan The Barbarian” gets the nod at number twenty. While “Superman 1 & 2” make the top of the list, part three and four are numbers thirty-seven and forty-five.

Points of major disagreement – I have a few. “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm”, an animated Bat-flick was longwinded and not worthy of thirteenth place ahead of “From Hell” (#17), early Jim Carrey in “The Mask” (#19), or Adam West beating the fake shark in the 1966 “Batman” (#23) – I loved that show. “Batman Forever” (#36) gets repeat viewings in my house, while the curse of the penguin, “Batman Returns” (#25), nearly hits the DVD player.

Sure, I prefer Michelle Pfeiffer to Nicole Kidman, but an army of penguins with missiles gives penguins everywhere a bad name.

Wizard at least knows how to countdown as EW continues to publish their lists from top to bottom – I hate turning to the article to accidentally find out number one. The author’s satire is prevalent as they comment on the bottom half, but credit is given for hot actresses: Lea Thompson in ‘Howard The Duck”, Diane Lane in “Judge Dredd” (#34), or Kirsten Dunst in “The Crow 3: Salvation” (#38) – these movies just sucked.

Soon we’ll have the “Top Ten Lists of Top Lists” and I’ll completely short circuit. Are they fun for debate? Sure. Do they stir up a lot of memories, good or bad, okay – I’ll give you that. But these also have conservative radio hosts discussing Kurt Cobain’s drug addiction as a reason why “Smells Like Teen Spirit” doesn’t belong a top VH1’s “Top 25 Songs of the Last”… ooh wait, that’s the “Top 100 Songs”.. – oh hell, see I’m fizzling out already.

The list is moot as a gambit of Marvel movies are due out the next couple of years (e.g. “The Punisher” filming here in Tampa) and DC’s titles are getting off the ground finally. Well, maybe “Virus” (#47) and “Tank Girl” (#42) will come off the list.

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