Published On: Wed, Jun 25th, 2003

Top Comic Book Movies, Don Bluth and ‘Finding Nemo’ gives Pixar edge in Disney deal

Finding-Nemo-Gill-Willem-Dafoe photoTOP 50 COMIC MOVIES: Wizard #143 is released this week (June 25 comic shops, July 8 retail shops) and will feature the Wizard rankings of the Top 50 Comic Movies of all-time. The dust is still settling from the top cult movie lists, so I am NOT proposing a full-blown list, but I’d love your emailed comments. Fifty sounds like a lot of movies, so I’m worried about the dynamics of filling out the list – especially with the multitude of sequels that are generated.

Here Comes Space Ace: Defender of the Universe #1 from MVCreations & CrossGen: Based on the hit Sci-Fi-based arcade game, the six-issue mini-series heralds the return of cosmic hero Space Ace (along with the hottie Kimmy and the Baby Borf.)

More on Don Bluth: Last week I discussed Dragon’s Lair, which was created by Don Bluth, who also worked on the animation on “Xanadu” (which I did not know). So, curious, I contacted the site to determine what Don’s contribution was:

“Don designed all of the characters, storyboarded, directed the live-action reference for the human characters, created all of the layouts and animated every scene in the 2 minute, 7 second sequence. It took 11 weeks from first discussions with Joel Silver to delivery of the color negative. It had an insane deadline. When he started animating in the third week, Don’s daily goal was 10-00 (feet) about 6.66 seconds of animation. He animated 185 feet in about 18 days. The crew worked 7 days per week. He hired a cook to feed the small crew that occupied his home, allowing them to stay focused on the daily goals of the schedule. The finished drawings were sent into the Studio City studio facility (Don Bluth Productions) where Gary (me) pushed the project through, in tandum with The Secret of NIMH. Don had storyboarded three sequences ahead on NIMH which allowed him the time to take a small crew and do the Xanadu project. Hope this answers your question. Regards.”

Thanks to producer/director Gary Goldman at www.DonBluth.com for his feedback.

Pixar Contract: With Pixar’s contract expiring with Disney, the success of “Finding Nemo” seems to be leading to a power swing for the small group. Pixar will obviously be seeking larger percentages from their parent distributor. The studio is self-reliant except for distribution, so go “Nemo”, go…here’s to getting your just desserts from the Disney giant.


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