Published On: Wed, Aug 8th, 2018

Top Auto Start Ups

The auto industry has had to embrace new innovative solutions to stay both, profitable and alive. Tech experts have gone all out in a bid to cash in on the billions, in possible earnings, up for grabs in the auto startup niche. The auto industry revolution has been spurred, largely, by the ever-increasing presence of computers inside vehicles. The futuristic scenes depicted in movies showing celebrities and race car driving enthusiasts cruising in smart sports cars are now a common reality.

photo/ Gerd Altmann via pixabay

In the near future, most of the autos on the NY roads will be completely autonomous. Whereas today, motorists get advised to take up the online traffic school to improve their defensive driving abilities and to reduce the total payable auto insurance costs. Tomorrow, there’s an excellent chance that these folks won’t need to worry much about their safety and wellness on the superhighways or on the busy freeways.

Most of the auto startups are merely sideshows that won’t survive the cut-throat niche for long. A few tech start-ups, however, do have exactly what it takes to penetrate and even thrive in this competitive auto sector. Here are five brilliant budding tech auto start-ups that are either making bold headlines or, are poised to redefine the transportation sector, moving forward.


WayRay’s vision is to improve the car user’s road experience using augmented reality. The driver and other vehicle occupants get to view clear digital images of their immediate driving environments regardless of the weather or time of day. WayRay’s software will be used to enhance the safety, comfort and allure of the fast cars loved by celebrities and race car driving fans.

photo/ Gerd Altmann


Cognata is a budding auto startup that seeks to capitalize on the infinite powers of deep learning. The company makes great use of AI to create accurate and detailed maps of the vehicle’s immediate environment. The ultra-realistic simulations serve to drastically enhance your safety while on board the autonomous vehicles. Cognata’s incredible software is so good that it’s being used by other auto startups to train and test their driverless vehicles.


Neteera Technologies is an innovative AI specializing tech firm that has caused a lot of ripples in the autonomous driving niche. The tech company has pioneered some of the most intuitive algorithms meant to make driverless cars a certain reality. Neteera’s advanced autonomous sensing technologies have already been successfully tested in driverless vehicles. Nateera has come up with an efficient sub-Terahertz frequencies technology that blends in the raw powers of lidars and radars to automatically move through obstacles and past objects in its course.

Mighty AI

As the name suggests, Mighty AI is an auto startup that seeks to help regular auto owners to merge AI into their vehicles. The company’s objective is to give you, as the auto owner, with a ready platform or template from which you can easily configure a fully autonomous driving system. The AI system will, in turn, offer its users with crystal clear digitally rendered images to better improve their decision-making process on the busy roads.


Ghostwave are rated as among the top auto startups in America in 2018. The company has developed and perfected state-of-the-art sensors to guide your vehicles in virtually all possible terrains. The startups’ radar technology has been specifically designed with sensitive cameras, lidars and other sensory products to effectively filter off and eliminate all traces of interference. Tests have shown that there’s a very small risk of you getting involved in a collision or accident while using the advanced sensors by Ghostwave.

The AI innovations developed by these and other upcoming auto startups are primarily to safeguard you, as the driver, your passengers and the other road commuters from the human driving errors and mistakes. The mistakes though trivial, come with profound impacts and are at times fatal. That’s why you’re all reminded of the importance of taking an online traffic school on your road safety and on your pockets as well.

Author: Anwar Hossain

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