Published On: Sun, Jan 22nd, 2023

Top 8 Reasons to Get an Outdoor Kitchen

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard can be a fun project and a great way to improve your home. Done right, it can provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

photo via RTA Outdoor Living

If you’ve never considered getting an outdoor kitchen, here are the top eight reasons why you should:

  • Great way to entertain guests

An outdoor kitchen is great for entertaining guests. Whether you want to throw a large summer party or an intimate get together with just a few friends, an outdoor kitchen comes in handy.

For one, an outdoor kitchen is not as crowded as most indoor kitchens. People can gather around the grill and socialize while the food is cooking.

Want to throw a sports game viewing party (e.g. for the super bowl)? Then an outdoor kitchen is perfect. Just make sure you have enough outdoor furniture to seat everyone and an outdoor TV, too, of course.

  • Adds more living space

An outdoor kitchen also adds more living space to your home. All of the sudden, you have more room to spread out for meals and you can host larger gatherings with friends and family. 

It’s one of the easiest ways to expand your home. No extra structures required. 

  • Helps you spend more time outside

When you have an outdoor kitchen, you’re more likely to spend time outside. And this is a huge benefit to your health. 

Studies show that being outside in nature helps you relax and reduces stresss, cortisol levels, muscle tension, and heart rates.

So if you spend too much time inside (and chances are you do if you work from home, for example), an outdoor kitchen is a great way to improve your health and get more fresh air.

  • Makes it easier to eat outside

If you already enjoy eating and hosting meals outside, an outdoor kitchen will make it easier. It eliminates the need to run back and forth between your indoor kitchen and the outdoor serving area. 

Instead, you can keep all the food, cooking, and serving outside to begin with. 

Your outdoor kitchen can include counter space, a refrigerator, an outdoor oven, a flat top grill, a smoker, and more. Everything you need to avoid going in and out of the house.

  • Keeps the cooking smells outside

Sometimes cooking can create unpleasant smells (like when cooking fish or onions, for example). And if you’re not careful, the smells can linger in the house for days, especially in the summer when the heat tends to make scents stronger.

An outdoor kitchen lets you avoid this. It keeps all the cooking smells (and smoke) outside so you don’t have to worry about stinking up the house.

  • Can help you eat out less

An outdoor kitchen can also help incentivize you to eat out less, which is typically cheaper and healthier for you. 

Why go out to eat when you have an outdoor kitchen that’s just as appealing? So long as you make your outdoor kitchen a comfortable and entertaining space, it will be hard to choose eating out over it.

  • Lowers your energy bills

An outdoor kitchen can help lower your energy bills. When you cook inside, you heat up the inside of your house, which requires you to use more AC to cool it back down.

By cooking outside, you can keep the air inside your house cooler to begin with and save on your utility bills. 

  • Adds value to your home

Lastly, an outdoor kitchen can increase the resale value of your home. According to Absolute Outdoor Kitchens, homes with outdoor kitchens return 100% to 200% of the improvement cost. 

So if you ever choose to sell your home, you can sell for a higher price and recoup all your investment costs and more. Plus, your house will stand out from other houses in the area that dont’ have an outdoor kitchen. 

In short, building an outdoor kitchen can be an investment that pays off over the long term. 

Final thought

Ultimately, the decision to build an outdoor kitchen is up to you. Now that you know all the benefits, you can make a more informed decision. Do what most aligns with your interests, goals, and budget. 

Author: Anna Johansson

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