Published On: Tue, Oct 10th, 2017

Top 7 Reasons to Splurge on Luxury Vacation Rentals in Utah

It’s one of the saddest realities in the tourism industry that Utah isn’t as well-known as other places when it comes to vacation spots. Yet for those who have visited at least once, Utah may seem like heaven on Earth. It’s widely recognized by many who’ve been there as perhaps the most scenic state in the whole country. That’s why lately there’s been an increase in the number of people enjoying luxury vacation rentals in Utah.

Utah’s Five National Parks photo courtesy of Utah.com

Sure, you can have a good time simply by getting a regular hotel room. But if you are vacationing with a large group of friends and family, renting an entire villa makes a lot more sense.

  1. It’s not actually expensive to spend your holiday here. Renting an entire home may seem like an overly expensive proposition, but a closer look at the pricing makes it a much more reasonable alternative. Plenty of luxury villas can cost $1,200 a night, but as many as 17 of you can stay here and sleep comfortably. That’s about $70 per person, which makes it seem like a steal. Some rooms can accommodate couples only so they can have some privacy, while a huge room can serve as the bedroom for up to 9 or more people.
  2. These places aren’t unfurnished “hunting cabins” that are short on modern amenities either. You don’t have to give up any of the perks of living at home, such as watching TV shows and DVDs, and using the Internet. Each bedroom has its own bathroom, and the master bedroom bathrooms may even have a jetted tub.
  3. Here you also have your own kitchen as well as your own living room. Every piece of furnishing and electronic appliances will be here. You can turn on all the lights in the place at night. You can watch TV as loud as you want and you won’t bother anyone like you would in regular hotels. You also don’t have to share spaces with strangers and other guests. Of course, you’ll have housekeepers too, so you can relax. It’s a vacation, so there aren’t any real chores for you to do.
  4. In the morning, you can enjoy your coffee in your own balcony as you take in the magnificent sights. Go down to the living room and you can still enjoy those sights with floor to ceiling windows. The clean air will be amazing if you spend the majority of your life in a polluted city. With the constant background of picturesque mountainsides, it’s easy enough to feel the stress evaporating from your pores.
  5. You won’t get bored here. Some may think that’ there’s nothing to do here but to enjoy the country side, but that’s not true at all. Here there are plenty of places where you can go mountain biking or even just walking around. There are plenty of places for fishing and swimming. Horseback riding is a very popular pastime, and there always seems to be a golf course nearby wherever you might stay.
  6. Just because you can enjoy countryside activities doesn’t mean you have to abandon your urban pursuits. You can also go visit various restaurants, and there will be plenty of shopping opportunities. Even ATM places will be easy to find so you don’t run out of cash.
  7. You have plenty of security and privacy. Usually, these places are within gated communities, and you’re safe from any prying eyes. It’s like living back at home, except the neighborhood has suddenly turned fantastic!

Utah is one of the best vacation spots in the whole world, and part of its charm is that not everyone recognizes this fact. So come and visit as soon as possible—pretty soon it won’t be a secret anymore, and you’ll have more crowds to contend with! Try to find a place near any of the Mighty 5 national parks, and you’ll have a vacation to remember.

Author: Lolita Di

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