Published On: Thu, Jul 25th, 2019

Top 6 Reasons Why Organizations Are Hiring Chef Professionals

Chef Infra has gained popularity as a powerful configuration management and automation platform which facilitates the transformation of IT infrastructure into code. The process of configuration, deployment, and management of infrastructure across your network, irrespective of the size, is streamlined by Chef on the Cloud, hybrid, or an on-premise environment. The installation and configuration of network infrastructure and computing hardware are described by Chef recipes that are machine-understandable files. 

As businesses across the globe have come to realize that Chef can be leveraged for making IT management more efficient, easier, and flexible, the demand for DevOps professionals who have absolute command over this tool has grown exponentially. After completing a Chef training, you can empower your hiring organization to better respond to and adapt to changing IT dynamics. 

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What Are the Benefits of Learning Chef?

As a Chef professional, you can help your organization scale newer heights of productivity by paving the way for optimal utilization of IT infrastructure. The top benefits include:

1) Software Delivery is Accelerated

Software architecture should be such that the code can be changed quickly whenever a new requirement arises. With Chef, you can expedite the software development process. The speed is measured via two parameters i.e., the frequency of software deployment and the time lag between change to code structure and deployment thereafter. 

For enhancing speed, you will automate the IT infrastructure which includes development of new environments, code base change review and resting, new version deployment, etc. With your expert intervention, your organization’s IT section would be transformed into a high-performing one where software can be deployed on demand and within minimum hours of newer commit to code. 

2) Services Become More Resilient

It is possible that the new software version deployed may have bugs which can lead to sudden crashes. When you automate the IT infrastructure, bugs and flaws can be proactively diagnosed as the system will be continuously monitored for issues. 

As services become resilient, the mean time to recover when a crash may occur will be lesser. The recovery time will plummet to less than an hour and the change failure rate will be lower than 15%.

3) Risk Management Becomes Easier

The quality of modifications made to software has a bearing on the risk potential. Risk assessment can be done on two parameters i.e. compliance audits’ frequency and the mean time for remediation after detection of defect or susceptibility. By leveraging the infrastructural automation features of Chef, risks can be lowered and compliance audits can be improved at all developmental stages. You can encode security policies within Chef recipe so that the same get tested spontaneously prior to deployment.

4)  Cloud Adoption is Accelerated

Organizations are rapidly replacing their physical IT resources with virtualized servers and cloud infrastructure. The road to cloud migration is full of potential speed breakers. You can ease the process through automation of cloud infrastructure and streamlining iterative manual steps. With Chef, you can facilitate the members of the DevOps team to become highly efficient and agile. Workloads along with applications can be migrated to cloud rapidly in a hassle-free manner. The servers and IT infrastructure’s installation, configuration, and provisioning can be automatically done with Chef recipes that are scripted beforehand. 

5) Cloud and Data Centres Can Both be Managed

With Chef, managing the Cloud environment, as well as on-premise data centres, simultaneously becomes possible. All servers that run on Linux, Solaris, AIX by IBM, or Windows operating system can be managed. Even when your organization changes the cloud provider, Chef can keep automation solutions running on servers. Chef caters to all kinds of business needs with ease. 

6) Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Solution

If your organization is feeling encumbered due to the growing complication of IT infrastructure and the increasing number of hardware and applications, you can leverage Chef for streamlining IT operations and smoothing the workflow. Teams need not spend more time and energy for working out a solution to tricky issues. With Chef, you can improve efficiency and increase output as it offers a pipeline for regular deployment. You can build, test, deliver, monitor, and troubleshoot infrastructure deployment and make preparations for taking more informed decisions. 

Improve Your Employability Quotient with A Certification in Chef

Chef is a holistic automation engine that offers consistent advantages across the complete IT ecosystem. After completing your Chef course from a renowned institute, you can be an invaluable asset to your organization. Learning to manage continuous deployment pipelines, performing automated tests for detecting compliance problems and security loopholes, building dashboards for showcasing reports which would offer better insights will chalk your organization’s IT success and brighten your career prospects. 

Incidentally, Chef professionals are among the top 10 highest paid in the IT industry as is evident below.

Author: Alina Jones



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