Published On: Thu, Jun 20th, 2019

Top 5 Reasons to Expunge Your Criminal Record

From high-level felonies to petty criminal mistakes, whatever you have in your record, you should get it all cleared as soon as possible because these things and the records are public. When you have a blemish in your criminal record, and when on top of that, it’s public, there can be a lot of issues coming your way. For example, companies won’t hire you if they perform a background check on you and find the criminal record of yours that clearly shows that you have been convicted for a crime. Not only this, in fact, it can be hard for you to clear security checkups too at places like airports, etc and you might not even get approved for a loan from a bank or some other lender. The point is that a lot of problems can occur in your life when your record isn’t clear, and that’s something you should be working on as soon as possible if you really want to live a life like a normal citizen without any criminal record.

Speaking of,  cleaning your record or getting it cleaned is referred to as “Expungement” and it’s quite a daunting process which is why you should hire a record cleaning lawyer as soon as you can. You can’t continue with this process without hiring a lawyer because honestly there are so many complex forms that you’ll have to fill in and then you have to give an explanation and a justification to the judge too on why he should make the decision in your favor. In a nutshell, if you are thinking about expungement without a lawyer then know that it’s not possible and even if it is, the judge will reject your appeal, and your record won’t get cleared.

Don’t worry because you won’t have to break a bank to hire a record clearing lawyer and it’s a pretty simple process. You just have to make some extensive research on the internet, and you’ll surely end up with a good lawyer who will charge you a reasonable amount of money. To find an attorney for expungement, just head to Google and type in the search engine for the best expungement attorneys in your are, and you’ll have a lot of results pop up on your screen. If not that, then you can ask your friends or family for some recommendations, and that will do the work for you too.

The Total Cost Of Expungement

Yes, of course, you will have to pay some money to get this job done as it can affect your life to a whole another level but don’t worry because as said earlier, it’s not going to cost a lot of money. First of all, you will have to pay a filing fee which is $75, and then you have to pay the lawyer of course, and the fee of the lawyer depends on your crime that you want to get expunged. You see, the bigger the crime will be, the more time it will take for your lawyer to clear it out off your records and well, it’s better to decide with your lawyer before time on what you will be paying him and on what basis.

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Is Expungement Necessary?

Yes! Expungement is necessary because as said earlier, it can affect your life to a whole another level. Most importantly, a reputable company will never hire someone with a criminal record and if you really want to make some good money then, of course, you are going to need a good job, and for that, you first need to get your records cleared. It’s as simple as it can be and the sooner you understand the importance of getting your record expunged, the better it is. At least you won’t be considered a criminal and your past mistakes won’t haunt your present and your future, so yes, there’s no question to this fact that whether or not expungement is important for you.

What Are The Possible Outcomes?

The possible outcomes are;

The judge will reject your appeal.

The judge will get your all records sealed ( it won’t be public anymore)

The judge will restrict the access of your records to the military and law enforcement only.

These are the three possible outcomes that you should expect. So, just hire the best attorney who can take the lead with your case and make sure that your case is strong enough and you have a reasonable explanation for expungement so that the judge doesn’t reject anything and you record gets cleared.

When Can You Not Appeal For Expungement?

You cannot appeal for expungement if you have a serious criminal record of more than two offenses. Also, if you were involved in a  sexual offense like rape etc., then you cannot get that stain off yourself for your life. Another important thing you must know is that you cannot appeal for expungement before ten years after you committed the crime. At least for 10 or 5 years, you need to prove yourself a good citizen, and you need to make sure that you aren’t involved in any crime or any other criminal offense again.

Reasons To Expunge Your Criminal Record

If you still have some doubts about the importance of expungement, then here are some reasons that might convince you on why you should be taking this step right now.


After all, you need to do a job to earn money and live, right? Well, if yes, then you should know that there are a lot of employers out there who have quite strict policies when it comes to hiring someone with a conviction. A felony arrest or any other such offense can literally be devastating for you and your career, so this is the one main reason why you should think about expungement. Also, once your record is expunged, no employer can ever refuse to hire you on the basis of your past record, and this will be considered unlawful of him.

2-Right To Vote

You don’t want to be one of those people who aren’t given the right to vote, right? Well, if yes then you should opt for expungement because if you don’t, you will be forbidden to vote for all your life and that’s something no one would like.

3-Gun Rights

Even if you want to keep a gun with you for safety, you can’t until your record gets cleared and if you own a gun even without expungement then know that this will be another criminal offense that you will be making and you can even get arrested for that. However, once you get it all expunged, you can then buy a gun and apply for firearms license too.


Yes, expungement is difficult, and it’s one long process, but honestly, it’s a must to do the thing, especially if you care about your reputation. You don’t want people to call you a criminal or someone who isn’t in the good books of law, right? Well, if yes then the wiser thing to do is to go the court and let them expunge your record for you. This way, you will have the peace of mind that yes, you are one good citizen with no bad records and you are completely eligible for professional licenses, and you can even vote as said earlier.


There might come a time when you’d want some loan from a bank or some loan lending institute but guess what? With a criminal record, no one will approve a loan for you, and that’s a very devastating thing. With an expunged record, however, you will easily get loans from banks, and you can even avail their other such facilities and schemes.

These are some of the main reasons that explain why you should expunge your criminal record. We said this before, and we are saying it again that you shouldn’t wait anymore to get your record expunged, and this should be a top priority for you right now. Just hire the best attorney who can get your record cleared for you and make sure to never engage in any other criminal offense ever. Believe it or not, if you want to be respected in the society and if you don’t want to be called a criminal for all your life, then you need to take this step right now, and you will see how wonders happen in your life.

Now, find the best lawyer and get the process started. Just make sure to discuss it all with your lawyer before heading to the court and come up with a proper explanation on why you want the expungement in the first place. Your judge can easily reject your appeal if your explanation is not worth it or valuable. So, do take notes of what we just told you and apply for expungement right now for a bright future.

Author: Michael Wright

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