Published On: Mon, Apr 29th, 2019

Top 5 Logo Design Ideas in 2019

We remember, the humans by their faces and we remember the brands and businesses with their logos.

This itself, tells the importance of Logo. Believe it or not, big brands, put a lot of work in making and choosing the logo.

Because brands know, people recognize them with that.

So if you are someone, who is looking to build a logo for your business then hold on. First of all, check out this complete post and know the trends in the logo designs in 2019.

This will help you to build a logo which people will relate to more.

So let me share some of the best logo design ideas for 2019.

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Bright Colors in Logo Design

Using bright colors in the logo design has been a trend since the last couple of years. And continues to be a favorite choice of logo designers in 2019 also.

Some of the trendiest logo design has a combination of most vibrant colors. So if you are a brand can convince the audience by having bright colors in it. You should go on and use vibrant colors in your logo.

Metallic Logo Designs

High-class brands have always preferred using metallic logo designs to communicate their product as high class.

Therefore, you should have mostly seen jewelry brands and high-end clothing brands using metallic kind of logos.

This is another trend which you can use in building your logo. Having a metallic logo for your brand will look fresh to your audience. This kind of logos is accepted by the old age people too as metallic logos have been there for many years.

Geometric Logo Design

Yes, geometric logo designs are back in the trend. From the last couple of years, they have been missing the top 5 list.

But in 2019, you will see many trendy logos which have a geometric logo design. Each shape has some meaning; for example, a circle means completeness and square stands for stability.

Therefore, geometric logos convey the meaning of the brand quite better than any other logo design type.

Minimalist Logo Design

Minimalist logos are my favorite too. It’s simple, clean, and clear. And that’s why it has been in the trend from last several years.

Many famous brands have very minimalist logos.

Minimalist means using minimum colors, text, and graphics. The best thing about using minimalist logos is they are quite easy to recall.

Minimalist Typography Logos

Another version of Minimalist logo design is building logos as minimalist typography logos. In this type of logo designs, sometimes only two letters of the brand names are used.

And trust me, these types of logos are eye-catching. Because of this reason only, they have made their place in the top 5 logo design ideas for 2019 list.

So go on and try any of the logo mentioned above design ideas to make your logo. But keep in mind the audience and the message you want to convey to the audience.

Well, Thank you for being such an honest reader and liking our blog on top 5 logo ideas to create some awesome graphics for your brand. That’s it from us on part of ideas and we are more than welcome to new ideas and suggestions over comments/email.

Author: Tanmay Luniya

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