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Top 5 Hair Removal Methods

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Removing hair is a task that requires a lot of patience because nobody likes to have hairs on the legs or other parts of the body, right? In order to choose what the best way to do it is, I want to present you through epilating review the top of the best hair removal techniques. Currently and luckily, we can choose between multiple hair removal methods. If there is one that does not convince us, we change and that’s it. The technique has advanced a lot in this regard and we are sure that not all current methods are known, so we are going to review the current situation in this sector.

Having more or less hair is not really a problem that seriously affects health, it can become a psychological and emotional problem for the current woman, who has been culturally imposed the obligation not to possess or show hair in certain areas of the body.

The annoying body hair that incarnates on your skin can finally be eliminated and expectorated completely thanks to these methods that we bring you today so you can finish them once and for all. Take note and do not forget to put them into practice! Have a look at this epilating review for best hair removal!


  • Using epilator


An epilator is an electric machine. The depilatory machines remove hair from the roots, even the smallest, for 3 or 4 weeks, but it is a painful system because it starts each hair individually. This can turn into a true martyrdom and an ill-advised method for certain areas of the body such as the bikini line. But the truth is that, with the use, you get used to it and there comes a time when you neither feel nor suffer, although it is still as inadvisable for the most sensitive areas. In summer you should keep in mind that, to avoid stains, you should not sunbathe the day before and the day after shaving. Also, to avoid ingrown hairs, you have to exfoliate the skin before using the machine and also afterwards at least once a week.  Check out this epilating review!

It is another of the rapid hair removal systems, it also removes superficial hair and also temporarily. Perfect for summer because in one pass you eliminate hair in 10 minutes without having to wait for it to grow, but if your skin is sensitive you should wait 24 hours before exposing yourself to the sun. The best time to pass the blade is after the shower because the hair is softer and easier to remove. And do not think that you will get more hair or that it will be thicker or darker, the blade does not alter the hair follicle.


  • Using the razor


Shaving is the ideal way when you have little time or any urgency that requires a quick hair removal. It is not the best because it does not eliminate the hair at the root and the effects last very little. The procedure involves cutting the hair as close to the skin as possible. If you use razors or disposable blades, remember to moisten the area with soap or shaving cream and pass the blade in the direction in which the hair grows. The disadvantage of this hair removal technique is that it lasts very little since at most you will have two or three days after which, you will have to repeat the procedure again.


  • Hair removal with tweezers


This type of hair removal is ideal for small areas such as the upper lip, chin or eyebrows. To perform it you must use a clip and remove each one of the hairs one by one. The duration of the hair removal is between 3 and 8 weeks and keep in mind that you should clean the tweezers with alcohol before and after using them. With the depilatory tweezers we will be able to get the hair out by the roots, but bearing in mind that its use must be hair by hair, they only serve for small areas of the body, such as the eyebrows or the upper lip.


  • Creams


The depilatory creams or lotions dissolve the proteins that make up hair. This makes them ideal for removing hair from the armpits, legs and bikini area. You will even find special formulas for the face. The duration is approximately two weeks and it is necessary to take into account the instructions and respect the times because if you leave the cream for longer in contact with the skin, it can become irritated and inflamed. This hair removal system removes superficial hair temporarily. Its mechanism of action is based on the chemical formulation of the product composed of alkaline substances that dissolves the hair, allowing its removal with an applicator, with water or with a damp cloth. It is a quick and painless system that used correctly – read the instructions and respect the prescribed time – is suitable for sensitive skin, but should not be abused because it can alter the PH of the skin.


  • Wax


Wax is an effective method to remove large amounts of hair at one time. It can be used hot or cold, depending on what you prefer. The way to use it is simple: you just have to spread a layer of wax over the area to be removed and pull it off in the direction of hair growth. Do not forget to use a moisturizer afterwards and avoid exposing your skin to the sun for a couple of days. This system removes root hair for about 3 or 4 weeks, it is less painful than the depilatory machine because in a single pull you pull out a good surface of the hair. But it has one drawback; it does not remove the smaller hair so you have to let it grow at least 5 millimetres, a horror when you look at your legs on the beach. In summer, due to circulation issues, it is better to leave warm wax aside and switch to cold in any of its variants: roll-on or depilatory bands.

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