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Years later, politicians are still fighting over the same issues: Jobs, health care, debt

This was a post from January 2013, kicking off the new year and the Obama administration’s challenges after winning the 2012 election. Headed into 2020, you may find that much has never been resolved or addressed, despite all of the rhetoric

2013 begins with the hope of new social security measures and better medical care for the general and impoverished American population, as envisioned in the heath care reforms commonly known as Obama care.

In spite of rising unemployment, falling rate of growth and general loss of goodwill in the American economy, the newly re elected president hopes to bring America through to a new era of peace and prosperity.

photo: photologue_np via Flickr

photo: photologue_np via Flickr


Unemployment is decreasing at least on paper. This may be as a result of companies taking advantage of the fiscal and tax benefits offered to them in employing American citizens instead of outsourcing. Critics say however that it is the result of people losing hope and stopping to look for work, relying instead on social security to lead a borderline existence. In an economy already stretched thin by a decade of war this will undoubtedly put more pressure on the resources of the government.

Heath Care and Medicaid

In a number of ways this is the most controversial of the economic reforms initiated by Obama. How effective will a government program be instead of voluntary insurance entered by consumers in direct transaction with the insurance company, or the effect on companies being forced to insure everyone on their workforce or paying the penalties remains to be seen. It continues to be a major issue for government budgets as health cost and enrollment rose, even before the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. It is estimated that 23.6 percent of the state budget on average will be spent on medical care for citizens.


The real estate bubble bursting was one of the most violent blows to the American economy in the recent years, taking it to the brink of another market crash like Wall Street in 1929. The banks that foreclosed on the mortgages have been found in several cases to be engaging in unethical practices. Whether this will allow the court to issue verdicts that will allow the evicted people to move back into their erstwhile homes by paying a small holding amount is for the judiciary to decide, but such a measure would definitely be egalitarian,

Fiscal Cliff

One of the issues that lies close to the heart of both government officials and citizens this appears to be the one to draw most controversy, it cannot be denied that government spending on itself, in remunerations to its employees, tax benefits and large salaries offered to politicians and limitless spending on amenities will have to be addressed and ruthless changes will have to be made. However, the maker of these changes will very likely be committing political suicide, so what remains to be seen is who will bell the cat.

Credit Reforms

Companies offering credit must stop unethical practices\s such as increasing interest rates arbitrarily and squeezing customers and defaulters into bankruptcy. Different standards employed by different organizations using the same source f information will also have to cease and some form of centralized regulating agency with effective penalizing powers must be initiated. If not addressed swiftly, more of risk passing will occur and will cause the closure of financial institutions like Morgan and Stanley.

These are some of the most important issues to be addressed that are just around the corner in the year 2013.There are signs of overall improvement in the nation and with a little bit of improvement USA will set to be one of the best first world countries of the world.

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The above article is composed by Rose who is a co-author of www.click4logbookloans.co.uk and imparts her knowledge about the financial consequences and it results.

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