Published On: Fri, Dec 15th, 2017

Top 5 Bookshelf Ideas For Small Homes

Buying Bookshelves for Small Homes is tricky. As limited space and its optimal utilization are essential, bookshelves are good ideas as they provide proper storage and display options. They are made of different materials such as metal or wood treated in various ways or pure wood or even glass. For covered shelves, glass is used if displaying is the main aim and wood if privacy is the key objective. The only problem is that they have a tendency to take up a fair amount of space, if not positioned properly or if the types of shelves are chosen incorrectly. But by following these ideas for bookshelves at Urban Ladder, these obstacles can be overcome, making small homes clutter free and beautiful.

Trend of Small Homes In Contemporary World

In India, sizes of Small Homes range from about 500 square feet to 1000 square feet according to their floor plan. Though these houses are easier to manage maintenance-wise, space is an issue. But proper planning for the best utilization of all available space is the key to overcoming this obstacle. This includes correct use and distribution of various types of bookshelves in different combinations in various parts of the house. Examples include open floor shelves, open wall-mounted shelves, closed floor shelves, closed wall-mounted shelves, open-closed-combination floor shelves or open-closed-combination wall-mounted shelves. Either glass or wood is used for closed shelves and provides the option of displaying or not displaying various items according to preference or requirement.

Top 5 Bookshelf Ideas

The ideas given below include a range of options to choose from. Depending on specific requirements, any combinations of these options are incredibly useful.

Shelves That Are Narrow: The narrower the shelf, the less space it will take up and an optimum size will ensure proper storage. They include different types such as floor shelves, wall-mounted shelves, open shelves, closed shelves or even open-closed-combination shelves.

Shelves That Are Tall: Taller shelves are very useful as space on walls and especially towards the ceiling can be used to the maximum. They have several staked shelves and ensure a lot of space for proper storage.

Shelves That Are Tailor-made for Corners: Such shelves can utilize all corners of the house perfectly. They include open floor shelves.

Shelves That Are Mounted On Walls: These shelves reduce space used on the floor of the house and simultaneously optimize wall-space utilization. They also have the option of being narrow and tall to reach right up to the ceiling.

Shelves That Are Compartmentalized: These shelves are custom-made for providing multiple storage options. This is crucial in ensuring storage of a range of items that vary in shape, size and type in one place according to categorized sections.

Ideal Bookshelves for Small Homes

Thus, by following these bookshelves ideas, it is possible to purchase the ideal types and numbers of bookshelves based on specific needs and requirements. This helps to ensure that whatever the space size, your house is properly maintained, neat and tidy and always a pleasure to come home to.

Author: Sachin Yadav

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