Published On: Fri, Mar 23rd, 2018

Top 3 Tips For A Stressless Summer Vacation

It doesn’t take a lot to ruin a holiday. You could be having the time of your life, either soaking up the sun or sipping cocktails on the side of a mountain, but the most relaxing break in the world can become very stressful very quickly. Those unexpected issues that you never even considered, or a lack of preparation on your part, can turn your dream holiday into a nightmare.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little forward thinking, it is possible to minimize your risks and considerably increase your chances of enjoying the break that you deserve. Some groups factor that into their planning, such as Luxury Tours India or Cultural Tours of India.

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Here are the best three ways that you can ensure your holiday hopes don’t turn to despair.

Delayed flights and what you can do

Either on the way to your destination or the return journey, delayed flights can be a massive time-consumer and a good way to ruin your holiday. If your delays happen on the outward journey, then you’re losing valuable relaxation time, and if the delays occur on your return trip, then you may have work or family commitments that you can’t get to in time. Luckily, even in worst case scenarios, airlines are obligated to compensate you for any time wasted in a terminal and counting your lost hours. Use Fairplane.co.uk to work out what your compensation payouts could be, and you might find that your wasted time in the airport lounge might just give you a little extra spending money.

Holidays and Crime

It’s a sad fact that there are criminals everywhere you go and getting mugged or burgled while on holiday is a sure-fire way to build bad memories. Although there are a variety of basic safety tips that you can follow, the fact that you are on holiday invariably makes you a target. Holiday funds, passports, and even your technology are all things that thieves want. There are a number of ways that you reduce your chances of becoming a victim, but the most obvious one is the most useful. Simply be as security aware as you would be at home, and you’ll find that your chances of falling prey to thieves decreases. Keep your passport safe and divide your cash into small quantities that can be kept in different locations, and always know where your devices are.

Awful Accommodation

We’ve all seen the horror stories about families arriving at their hotel only to find that it hasn’t even been built yet. While there’s little that you can do to tackle those large issues, if your hotel or lodgings are not up to scratch, you do have both legal and social recourse. The hospitality industry is increasingly reliant on a positive social media presence, so as an unsatisfied consumer, you are perfectly within your rights to leave negative reviews. Although this may not help you in the short-term, it will make those that follow afterward less likely to fall victim to the same misleading advertising. Ultimately, if you’re unsatisfied with your accommodation situation, then talking to staff and management can actually be a lot more effective than you think, and with a little communication, maybe that negative TripAdvisor review won’t be necessary after all.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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