Published On: Mon, Mar 7th, 2016

Top 10 Sites to Help You Do Math Well

You have a ton of math homework and are struggling to make sense of the numbers and don’t know where to turn? Many students find themselves in this position, either because the curriculum is speeding by them in class or they are too shy to clarify their doubts, but why should they get left behind? If you need help with your math assignments, and everyone you know is busy with their own work, then here are 10 websites that you can check out. These websites will guide you through your assignments, help you learn your courses, and even better – some of them can help you do your math for you!

My math Done: This website has many experts on call. This means the minute you ask them a question or retain their services, you are guaranteed that you will receive your assignments with top notch quality content that will assure you of a great grade. You have the option of not only paying for the homework to be done, but you can also get it done yourself with a little bit of help. With this website, you are guaranteed that your assignment will reach you on time – depending on the complexity of the assignment.

Art of Problem Solving: This website targets students who are struggling with Algebra from approximately the third grade to the eleventh. As most of us find it easier to get a concept explained to us rather than trying to read the information and making sense of it ourselves, this website has many video tutorials that explain the basics of each problem. The founder of the website Richard Rusczyk is featured in all these videos, breaking down Math into formats that can be easily understood. Whether you are having trouble with grasping Algebra, counting & probability, Math counts or any other facet of Math, this website will help you learn the basics. This website also has math discussion forums, math competition information, classes for students and many more.

Education World: This is aimed for Math Levels of K-12th but targets K-8th grade too. This website hosts different types of math resources that make it easier for teachers to make learning fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a teacher and are looking to learn Math yourself, or are trying to teach it to your kids at home. As teachers themselves use this website, it would be advisable for parents to take a page out of the faculty’s book and try it out for themselves. Linked to another website, you can download pdfs that test your critical thinking, math crosswords and hands-on math exercises.

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photo/public domain

TEDEd Math Videos: We all know that TED talks shed a lot of light on various topics, and many faculties use TED talks in their classrooms to get the point across. With these videos, education takes a new and fun turn with teaching students in novel and entertaining ways. These videos cleverly mix fun graphics and cultural references with key math principles to make math concepts fun for students who may otherwise find it tedious and boring.

Yummy Math – From the name itself, you know that this website does not offer the conventional style of teaching math for students who have trouble with their math homework. The students receive real world challenges that makes them think about how math fits into their daily lives. Also, the problems are put across in a fun manner according to your age and grades. A younger child will get a math problem that involves counting pies, and a high school student will get a math problem that involves fantasy football. Now which student can ignore learning math this way?

Algebra.Help: As the name gives away, this website is all about Algebra. If you can’t get the x and y to give you the answer you need, maybe it’s time to consult this website. With a fairly simple and straightforward layout, the viewer doesn’t have to really search for the topic they need assistance with. All topics are given on one page, with further sub titles that offer lessons, examples and worksheets.

Math Pickle: This website also makes learning fun with the use of videos and activity resources that keep students engaged and interested in a subject that most find boring. Although aimed at teachers, parents at home can also use this website to teach their kids Math with the mini-lessons it offers. The students end up learning without realizing it and it has video support for the users who have a problem with the lessons, discussion board to get your math problem out there, and games that are absolutely fun!

Hooda Math: With most young children and young adults being heavily invested in computer gaming, this website takes learning to a whole new level. As children learn best when they’re having fun, the makers of this website created games that focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication, geometry, basic physics, integers, fractions, algebra and much more.

PBS Learning Media: This brand has been around for a long time and is committed to providing quality learning materials for children. They have various videos and other interactive games and activities that make you look at Math in a different context. For the student who is looking to direct their attention towards fashion in the future, there is Math in Fashion, Math in Videogames and Math Magic to name a few. Education becomes fun and you can choose which resource you’d like to use to get your math homework done just by clicking on the grade level you need help with.

Absurd Math: This is a multi-level Mathematical game that sends students on ‘missions’ in a world where mathematical knowledge is the most powerful skill to possess. This inspires the student to do better and learn better so that they can complete their missions. By taking up missions like thwarting evil scientists and saving alien creatures from mistreatment, this website presents familiar video game and movie scenarios to keep the student entertained and hooked to learning Math.

With learning Math becoming so much fun, teachers and parents no longer need to pull out their hair in trying to make the students get their homework done. If they need help to do math, all they need to do is check out the above mentioned websites. Take your pick – games, puzzles, interactive multi level games – they’re all out there! Learning has never been so much fun! I’m guessing we’ll be seeing many Math geniuses on the horizon now.

Guest Author: Julie Martin

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