Published On: Mon, Aug 21st, 2017

Top 10 Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Many people do not like the idea of cleaning their own properties. When you rely on a professional office cleaning Melbourne service provider, your employees will have a relaxed, clean, organized, and comfortable workplace that most people love. A business that has a clean environment will attract many clients and investors. If you do not utilize the cleaning service providers at your office, you will not realize their importance and will end up not growing our business.

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Store cleaning supplies

You need to dedicate a closet in your office for keeping the cleaning supplies. These supplies include the grass cleaners, dusting sprays, alcohol rubbers, micro-fibre wipes, and much more. They make the work of cleaning the office a walk in the park.

Clean the desk

When you start cleaning the office, your desk needs to be the first place of paying attention. Ensure that it is clean and all other things placed on top of the table such as the keyboard, monitor, and phone are also clean. Keep sharp objects safely so that they do not injure you. You need to avoid spilling liquids and eating from your desk to make sure that it remains neat.

Clean the lighting fixtures

When the lighting fixtures in your office do not undergo cleaning for some time, they will accumulate and attract dust. Your office will start looking dim. You need to ensure that you use the right supplies when cleaning to make sure that you do not leave areas that are always overlooked when cleaning.

Clean the floor

You need to get to the floor with a lot of care. You need to vacuum the carpet regularly to keep it clean. Vacuum the floor that has tiles or linoleum so that it remains shiny. If you have an old floor, stripping or waxing services are highly recommended so that they remain durable and clean. If you want it to last, it is advisable to remove scruff marks.

Remove trash constantly

You need to remove trash constantly from the office especially in the coffee and tea areas if you would like to keep bugs away. If you do not empty trash from these areas on a regular basis, you will be providing a breeding area for bugs like E. coli. According to research, there is a lot of E. coli found in the handles of kettles than those found on toilet door handles. It takes at least one week for an employee affected by E. coli to recover. Productivity and operations of the office will have a negative effect, especially if no employee is experienced and qualified to take over the role.  

Clean the waste basket

After emptying it, make sure that the waste basket is clean so that it does not attract bugs. If you keep it clean, you will avoid diseases that come from dirty baskets.

De-clutter the office

Decluttering will make the work of cleaning easy. Just make sure that you possess all you need at the office. Keep the usable files arranged and store the old ones elsewhere. Your office will remain neat while cleaning.

Watch out for a potential danger

While cleaning the office, it is advisable to watch out for the possibility of facing danger. Look out for sharp objects, naked wires, and other things that may cause harm. No one needs to get harmed while cleaning is ongoing.

Employ an office cleaner

Hiring an office cleaning Melbourne professional is the best option. These people have the right expertise, experience, and equipment to keep your office clean. They will ensure that you get first class results.

Give the cleaner time

It is crucial to give the cleaning company ample time to give you the desired results. Allocate enough time on your timetable to make sure that you schedule the right cleaning procedures at the right time.


Office cleaning is recommended for those individuals that have the desire to keep their environment productive. There are many firms in Melbourne providing these services and choosing one requires you to read their reviews and choose the right one for your office.  

Author: Ariana Smith

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  1. David Sierra says:

    Thanks for sharing such a nice and informative article. I would like to add a main point over it.
    Keeping clean and disinfected toilets is also essential for everyone’s health in the office. These are one of the high traffic zones due to the number of people using them.

  2. DBS says:

    Great tips! In between office cleanings it’s a great idea to have floor mats at every entrance also. If you’re interest in learning more about how floor mats help …. dbsbuildingsolutions.com/reasons-need-door-mats-every-door

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