Published On: Wed, Dec 5th, 2012

Top 10 Must-See Foreign Horror Flicks This Season

If we have to pick out one factor that connects all horror movies fans and distinguish them from other movie lovers, it is their inclination to look out for thrill and their tendency to find the most extreme and boundary pushing story. However, it is not possible to achieve this without looking beyond the Hollywood scope.

The following is a list of top 10 must-watch foreign horror films. This list comprises of ghosts, zombies, vampires and slashers.

1.     Let the Right One In

The movie is about a little girl and operates in the genre of vampire films. This is a unique story about a girl, a boy next door and the guardian of the girl. Driven by a unique and interesting story play, the girl falls in love at first sight with a vampire mix, which is both intense and gruesome. If you want to watch a very unique vampire film, Let the Right One In is what you are looking for. It is visually impressive and a very polished film. The movie has everything that will entertain you and pull you in. Definitely worth watching!

2.     The Host

If you are interested in watching a thrill based on a monster, The Host is the movie for you. The movie is based on the biological failure of a loose courtesy. You will find the story similar to the story of Godzilla, however, this sci-fi monster story is much scarier. Since it belongs to the monster genre, you may not find characters as deep as other horrormovies, but the diverted story elements and fast-paced action will definitely entertain the fans of classics like Godzilla and Jaws.

3.     Frontieres

You will really enjoy watching Frontieres as it is one of the best movies that is picked up by AfterDark and belongs to the franchise of HorrorFest. The story is based on hoodlums who come across evil that proves that even talking about evil creates different evil forms around them. You can expect violence beyond belief, but you will enjoy connecting with the deep characters in the story. The intense graphic outcomes will entertain you to the core.

4.     Martyrs

There are rave reviews about Martyrs all over the internet, which will definitely persuade allhorror movie lovers to get a copy. Watch this movie and you will not be disappointed. The story is based on a young woman’s revenge who once got kidnapped and brutalized when she was a child by some people. The revenge-horror themed movie is much more than you would expect. This flick is a must watch! The good news is that you can even watch this movie live on your television.

5.     Frost Bitten

Another very interesting tale of a vampire is Frost Bitten. Although the film is based on a vampire, the story isn’t typical. Unlike modern or underworld vampire stories, this tale is not only disturbing but extremely dark as well.  The movie is fantastically written. If you like the first movie on this list, this one will entertain you this season too.

6.     I Saw the Devil

When the pregnant fiancée of a secret agent becomes the next victim of a dangerous serial killer, he forges the fine line between evil and good and begins his quest of revenge. The story is based on a real revenge.

“Ringu,” one of the must-see foreign horror films, made popular by the US adaptations

7.     Ringu

After the reporter Reiko’s cousin died, she heard stories of an unusual tape that results in the death of the viewer exactly after one week of watching it. After more than one story was confirmed and watching the tape herself, the reporter along with her ex-husband teamed up to stop the death clock. Want to know what happened to the reporter? Watch the movie, it’s worth it!

Wouldn’t it be more exciting if you can watch it on your television?

8.     High Tension

Again, a combination of fantastic story with insane violence! The story is based on a girl who along with her friend goes to visit a country when all hell breaks out as a deranged killer takes over their vacation. Intense, gritty and dark, the movie is a violent affair that from the beginning to end is all bloody and creepy.

9.     Cold Prey

Cold pray is a story about a group of young people who on an adventure reach wild mountains for skiing end up in a ski lodge that appears quite old and fall victim to a crazy serial killer. A great story and a great adventure! A must watch this season!

10.   The Grudge

Last but not the least, the vengeful spirits and evil curse seem to have captured a house where a child and a woman were horrifically murdered and anybody who resides in the house becomes the victim of a terrifying haunting.
Watch through this list and get people who will enjoy watching this genre of movies with you.

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    […] Top 10 Must-See Foreign Horror Flicks This SeasonThe Global DispatchIf we have to pick out one factor that connects all horror movies fans and distinguish them from other movie lovers, it is their inclination to look out for thrill and their tendency to find the most extreme and boundary pushing story. However, it is … […]

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