Published On: Wed, Jun 15th, 2016

Tools That Are Now Common In Tattoo Removal

There are many that have tattoos and that now want to remove them. As the tattoo boom was huge, it is obvious that many got some ink that they now regret. The removal industry grew to the level at which we can now remove so many interesting options available. The use of laser is the opportunity that stands out as being the best. However, this does not mean that everything is standard.

Tattoo laser removal can be pretty complicated. The tools that are used are basically lasers. Various tools are available and you should know as much as possible about them.

Q-Switched Laser

If you want to remove tattoos and not have to deal with scars, the Q-switched laser is normally the first option that is taken into account, says Zapp Laser Studio. These lasers work by simply emitting some energy pulses capable of destroying ink the tattoo artist uses without harming the skin. The high energy pulses will hit ink and particles will break it down. That leads towards the tattoo disappearing.

We basically have 2 Q-switched lasers: passive and active. The active lasers are the ones that are preferred. Energy waves are passed through modulators. This makes it possible to emit the pulse at a higher strength and speed when compared with passive lasers.

Gregory Clark - tattoo on forehead?

Gregory Clark – tattoo on forehead?

The Multi-Wavelength Capability

No matter what laser is used in tattoo removal, you have to be sure that it is capable of treating the tattoos with the use of various wavelengths. This is because the colored inks will require different wavelengths based on how the tattoo is done in order to remove it effectively.

As an example, when the black and blue inks are removed, a wavelength above 1000 nm is necessary. If vibrant colors have to be removed, a wavelength of a little over 500 nm is normally needed. When the used machine does not offer a suitable range, an upgrade will normally be needed for the best possible results.

YAG Laser

A YAG laser is a Q-Switching Laser type. It is seen as one of the best options available to remove a tattoo. This is because it utilizes special photoacoustic pulses. They are much safer and can reduce the length of a regular removal session to around 10 minutes, which is an important plus for a lot of people.

Fractional Lasers

A fractional laser will not normally be used to remove tattoos. However, this tool is important for the user to practice. This is basically a laser type that allows the user to target really small skin fractions. You normally use it in order to treat a scar, for anti-aging purposes or to deal with sun damage.

It is possible to see fractional lasers at tattoo removal clinics in order to treat scars that appeared when clients went through laser tattoo removal sessions that went wrong. You will want to use it because of removing skin pigment discrepancies, scars and wrinkles.

On the whole, laser tattoo removal is complex and the more options are available, the better the removal shop.

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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  1. julie says:

    I had a tattoo removed from my back not long ago and it was so expensive. I suggest shopping around to find the best price. Read yelp reviews people! I have another on my arm that I want gone and i used a website to find the best price dermdash.com

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