Published On: Tue, May 17th, 2016

Toby Jones cast as villain for ‘Sherlock’ season 4, could be John Clay or Hugo Oberstein

The BBC announced that Toby Jones will play the villain in Season 4 of Sherlock. Jones is a veteran actor, who starred on the British series The Secret Agent and Detectorists, plays a scientist on Fox’s Wayward Pines and voiced the elf Dobby in a pair of Harry Potter films.

Co-creator, writer and EP Steven Moffat said, “Delighted to have Toby Jones on board, bringing to life one of [Sir Arthur Conan] Doyle’’s finest villains.”

Jones will join the mystery drama in the second of its three new 90-minute episodes, but his role was kept quiet.

Toby Jones in "Captain America: The First Avenger"

Toby Jones in “Captain America: The First Avenger”

Jones also said, “I’m excited and intrigued by the character I shall be playing in Sherlock.”

The actor will likely portray a new villain or somehow be involved with the Moriarty (Andrew Scott) story arc. “All I can say is, this is a major, life-changing series for the regulars,” said Gatiss to Entertainment Weekly about the Moriarty plot. “The repercussions of Moriarty’s apparent return are far-reaching. It’s very big stuff.”

Gatiss and Moffat issued a press release about the new season in April. “ Sherlock [Season] four—here we go again!” they said. “Whatever else we do, wherever we all go, all roads lead back to Baker Street—and it always feels like coming home. Ghosts of the past are rising in the lives of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson bringing adventure, romance and terror in their wake.”

Season 4 will begin with Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) back on British soil as Dr. Watson (Martin Freeman) and his wife, Mary (Amanda Abbington), prepare for parenthood.

The series is written and created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss and produced by Sue Vertue. The executive producers are Beryl Vertue, Mark Gatissm Steven Moffat, Bethan Jones and Rebecca Eaton.

The Nerdist compiled their list of the top 5 most likely people candidates (in no particular order):

1) John Clay
Clay is the baddie in the Doyle story “The Red-Headed League” and is described by Holmes in the text as the fourth smartest man in London. His scheme involves using a legitimate business as a front to drill into a neighboring business to steal Napoleon’s gold.

2) James Windibank
Windibank was Holmes’ foil in the story “A Case of Identity” in which he attempts to defraud his grown stepdaughter via a complicated plot involving him fabricating and pretending to be a totally new person with whom the stepdaughter becomes engaged. That’d be a real whirlwind of an episode.

3) Baron Adelbert Gruner
The Baron is an Austrian nobleman appearing in the story “The Adventure of the Illustrious Client.” He’s a philanderer and murderer who “collects women” and ruins their lives. Holmes is hired to stop him from doing the same to his latest mistress. While the character is supposed to be a tall, handsome Lothario, it might be cool to see the versatile Jones attempt such a person.

4) Heinrich Von Bork
A villain appearing in the very famous story “His Last Bow,” Von Bork is a German spy who resembles a British nobleman named Barnham and killed him and assumed his identity to send intel back to the motherland. While Germany isn’t at war with the UK anymore, I’m sure Moffat and Mark Gatiss could figure out a way to make it happen.

5) Hugo Oberstein
German spies were a huge thing in the early 20th Century! This guy appeared in “The Adventure of the Second Stain” and was mentioned again in “The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans.” He’s said to be one of the three most effective foreign agents living in Britain.

Benedict Cumberbatch Martin Freeman Sherlock photo

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