Published On: Tue, Jul 2nd, 2019

To Enjoy Relaxing and Calm Nautical Trip Hire a Catamaran

Holidays are necessary for everyone at least once a year to relax and spend some quality time with friends and family. If a trip to beach and sailing in the sea is one of your passion, then you will definitely look for a boat. However, do you actually know that a boat may be clumsy and uncomfortable for a larger group? Also, there isn’t any privacy left in an open boat sailing in the sea. Therefore, getting a catamaran is the best choice of all. 

Catamaran is a watercraft which has more than one hull. Each hull is parallel to each other with equal size. Corsica is an island which is in Mediterranean Sea. Being an island, it is surrounded with water and the climate is warmer in the coastal area. This is why most tourists prefer coming to Corsica for diving, water skiing, and enjoying sun bathing. Often it is seen that families do rent a hotel or an apartment for the stay, but look for excitement and thrilling activities near the sea. For them, it is wise to rent a catamaran in Corsica

For such kind of nautical experience in Corsica you can always contact Arthaud Yachting which has been in this business for more than ten years. The staffs are professional and skilful with proper knowledge of yachting. They are accustomed with the surroundings and environment and will never put you in danger or trouble. Their sincere welcome and exclusive service has given them a good reputation among tourists. 

photo/ Lisa Larsen

Here are some very good reasons mentioned below to understand the advantages of hiring a catamaran –

  • Comfort
  • Economic
  • Speed
  • Approachable
  • Stable


Motor boats are no doubt faster, but when it is about saving money, then sailing boats are feasible. This is because the fuel costs of sailing boat are lesser. Moreover, in catamaran you can accommodate more people, and this will help in dividing the cost equally. 


Due to the presence of hydrodynamics in catamaran, there is less friction. This helps in speeding up the boat. Actually, the speed is 20 per cent higher than the mono hull boat. This is good as your voyage will be completed faster and it will cost less. 


Catamaran is bigger and comfortable. This also makes your panoramic view very romantic and easy. Since all services are on the same floor, therefore communicating with people is also easier. Sometimes a catamaran is also booked for a meeting or corporate party. You get enough space to move comfortably along with the crew members. 

For example, Seazen II launched by Arthaud Yachting, which is a modern Japanese style of sailing boat that is made of dark colour wood and white oak. With proper furnishing it invites guests to enjoy the aerial space. S/Y Seazen II is available for charter in Corsica


It is easier to approach small bays through a catamaran which may not be possible through mono hull yacht because of their narrow entrance. It can pass through complicated places and also save you during a sea storm. This means even in shallow water you can dive and relax while taking pictures. 


There is always a chance of tipping over in mono hull boats, but in case of catamaran there are multi hull which makes it safer. It also helps in smooth movement of boats, which helps in reduction of nauseating feeling and dizziness among those who are often sea sick. 

Apart from leisure, you also want safety. Nature is unpredictable, therefore to keep your vacation a beautiful memory always goes for safe items.

Author: Aalia Ray

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