Published On: Fri, Jun 1st, 2018

To B Friends or Not to B Friends: I Have Some Questions

This season of the Real Housewives of New York has spent several episodes preparing us for the friendship showdown of Carole and Bethenny. While we have gotten a glimpse into the life of Tinsley’s love life with beau Scott, Sonja’s ups and downs in renovating her towne house and Dorinda’s need to stir any pot she can find, there was one overriding theme throughout. Something is coming between the BFF’s and no one understands what it is including Bethenny.

Although there has been tension in every meeting throughout the season it finally came to a head this week and the two fought it out in an uncomfortable argument at the dinner table in the Berkshires. First of all, why is it always the Berkshires when things go south? Dorinda is known for her pot stirring but is she slipping a little truth serum in the food or does everyone just naturally lose their minds as they walk through the door of Blue Stone Manner?

The rift in the friendship seems to come down to Carola’s on again off again boyfriend, Adam Kensworthy and could have been exacerbated by the two not supporting each other’s charities to the fullest.

Bethenny has her B Strong foundation that started doing disaster relief when a major hurricane hit Houston and then moved her work to Puerto Rico after the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria shortly afterwards. In the midst of this disaster relief, Bethenny contacted Adam, a photographer, if he would be interested in documenting the devastation. When he did not want to go without compensation, Bethenny went to Carole to voice her concerns that Adam may be an “operator” but that was quickly shot down by Radziwill.

At the dinner table Carole admitted that Bethenny called her to warn her about Adam but said Bethenny never told her why. That would seem odd that your good friend calls you and warns you that your boyfriend maybe an “operator” which is New York language for an opportunist but they never tell you what happened to make them think that? That seems like an odd way to have a conversation. And even if Bethenny didn’t start out telling you why your boyfriend was an opportunist wouldn’t you ask what happened? Am I missing something or was this the oddest conversation two girlfriends have ever had?

Carole ran the New York marathon for an animal charity earlier in the season and it seemed like she accused Bethenny of not being supportive of her running. Yet, there is a conversation that Carole admits happened where Bethenny asks “how’s the running going?” and Carole responds that she just ran a half marathon in under 3 hours. This develops into another odd conversation because Carole explains that when she told Bethenny that she ran the half marathon Bethenny replied “Luann is a loser” which seems out of context or again one of the oddest conversations known to man. Who asks about your running and when you tell them they call someone completely unrelated to the conversation a loser and never acknowledges you answered the question?

Away from the episodes that show this odd and confusing spat both ladies have been asked in the press and written about it in their blogs. Bethenny has been careful in saying that there was a shift in the relationship but she has a lot of love for Carole. That is not the same response as Carole who has called her once close pal a liar, a bad friend and delusional. It’s been rough but there has to be more to this story because Carole’s interpretation of what happened doesn’t make any sense.

I’m sure the next episodes will shed more light onto the C vs B bought or we may end the season not really understanding what we watched at all.

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