Tired of conservative talk radio? Check out these great podcasts

While I work, I would listen to talk radio and during the day, conservative talk radio dominates.


However, how long can one listen to Sean Hannity drone on about the latest Republican talking points to the point where one show sounds like the next? How much of Michael Savage’s name calling can I handle? Many of the others on the radio dial are similar, offering little and most are quite boring.

Do you face the same dilemma? Are you looking more interesting and honest perspectives? Would you rather hear important political and policy topics delivered by truly informed hosts and guests?

Thanks to great sites like Stitcher, I have access to so many podcasts on a plethora of topics.

I now have switched from talk radio while at work, and home for that matter, to a regular daily playlist of informative shows on a wide range of issues like economics, history and foreign policy that are done without a Republican or Democratic slant, but an agenda to encourage you to think and learn, that discuss topics others don’t or won’t and to hear voices who are not tied to the mainstream media (Yes, conservative talk radio and TV is mainstream despite what Fox News claims).

Check out these 5 podcasts that I listen to daily on Stitcher if a new show is available (in no particular order):

The Jason Stapleton Program

Former Marine and entrepreneur, Jason Stapleton does a fantastic podcast covering topics of the day. He has an amazing handle on topics like economics and politics and shows no fear in tearing apart the conventional wisdom. Website

The Tom Woods Show

Author of a number of fantastic books, historian and Senior fellow at the Mises Institute, Thomas E. Woods, Jr, PhD does a great podcast from a libertarian perspective. Woods also some of the best guests found on-the-air. Website

Dr. Woods also co-hosts a podcast with economist, Robert Murphy called Contra Krugman, where they tear apart Paul Krugman’s NY Times columns.

The Scott Horton Show

Want to take a closer, more in-depth look into foreign policy, well this is the show for you. Scott Horton has amazing knowledge on foreign policy and topics of war and intervention and does a show from a non-interventionist perspective. Did I mention the guests? Top notch. You will hear about things that the talk radio hosts would never touch. Website

Ron Paul Liberty Report

Former TX Congressman Ron Paul and frequent co-host, Daniel McAdams do a great show with commentary and analysis on topics like economics, civil liberties and foreign policy. Website

There are many other great podcasts out there so go explore, you’ll be amazed what you’ll find.



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