Published On: Tue, Jan 30th, 2018

Tips You Should Get from a Reputation Management Firm

Thanks to advances in technology, the way business is conducted has changed complete, and this is a positive development. Today, people can find customers the world over, rather than just within a specific geographical area. Because we do business online, anyone can get involved in it. But this has also given rise to the need for proper reputation management and to work with a reputation management firm.

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The world of online reputation management is all about making sure that people see positive things when they look you up. Achieving this is very complex, particularly because you have little control over what people share online. And, unfortunately, while it takes years to build a reputation, it now takes just a click of a mouse to destroy it. This is why working with a professional firm is so important, but they are also willing to provide some advice for free.

Top Reputation Management Firm Tips

  • Be proactive in protecting your brand. This means having properly organized content on your website and being able to respond very quickly when someone posts anything less than favorable about you.
  • Make sure your company’s name is in your URL and your HTML. The search engines like this and will rank you higher for it.
  • Reference yourself as often as possible. If you are in the business of cupcakes, for instance, don’t write “we make the world’s best cupcakes”, but rather “Company ABC makes the best cupcakes”. This is about building brand recognition.
  • Diversify where you are online. You need to make sure that you get into the top 10 for every keyword someone might use to look up your business. Sticking with the Company ABC cupcake example, consider keywords such as “cupcakes”, “bakery”, “custom cupcakes”, “fairy cakes”, “local baking”, “best cupcakes”, and so on. You should also link those to your geographical location if you are not solely an online trader. For instance, if you are based in San Francisco, CA, you want to make sure that someone looking on Google for “best San Francisco cupcakes” finds you.
  • Find websites that are similar to yours and link between each other. Search engines like this, particularly if the other sites have authority, as it means you are a serious business. For instance, if you have a local flour supplier, get them to have a link to your site on their website and vice versa.
  • Get on social media and use it properly. LinkedIn is vital for the business element of things. Share news via Twitter, engage your audience through Facebook, and post pictures of your product on Instagram.
  • Watch and monitor your online presence at all times. You should set up alerts on all the search engines for your company name, but also for some of your main target keywords. That way, whenever something is posted about you – good or bad – you will be made aware of it. If it is positive, you can reply immediately by thanking the poster. If it is negative, you can immediately try to resolve the issue. Speed is of the essence here.

Author: Anwar Hossain

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