Published On: Thu, Oct 26th, 2017

Tips you should consider if you want to practice taekwondo at home

If you have no time to go to the studio and you’d still like to practice your taekwondo at home, we’ve prepared a list of tips that might help you get started. The first thing you should consider is your equipment because you need to be safe at all times so as to avoid getting injured. Some WT recognized products include hand and head protectors, trunk protectors, forearm, shin, and groin guards, as well as a mat and PSS’s.

photo/ Dave Felts via pixabay

One thing we have to make clear right off the bat. Learning taekwondo takes a good deal of time and patience, and that’s why it is a better idea to go to several classes. Otherwise, you won’t have any moves to practice by yourself. Regardless of how helpful some online videos might be in this sense, the advice that can be given by a true taekwondo instructor cannot be compared to that you might get from YouTube.

Then, you should focus on learning your patterns, which are routines comprised of techniques and moves that are appropriate to your level. These can be found for free online, but you have to take them with a grain of salt as they might not be fit for your level of skills. Whichever way you decide to go about things, don’t try to overdo it because you might end up hurting yourself.

What this means is that you’ll be unfit to practice taekwondo for as long as several weeks if you don’t take the right safety measures. To make sure that you don’t risk getting into trouble, we suggest consulting a physician before starting your exercise routine. Many people forego this step because they feel like they’re completely healthy, but you really can’t know for sure if there’s something you have

If you can, train with a partner as the movements of an opponent cannot be imitated even by a good kicking bag for taekwondo. In addition to this, it is worth noting that a human opponent can help you as he or she can offer you feedback as to what you’re doing right and wrong.

As a final note, we would like to suggest considering several factors before going out to get a kicking bag. You need to ensure that you have the means and space to install it properly, and if you do not, do opt for a self-standing model as it is convenient and can easily be utilized. Most freestanding choices have a base that can be filled with water or sand so as to ensure that they do not tip over while you are kicking them.

Author: Vlad George

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