Published On: Tue, Dec 10th, 2019

Tips to Wear Colored Contact Lenses Safely

Colored contact lenses are in vogue for a long time now. Whether you want to change your appearance by changing your eye color or dressing up as someone else with different eye color, colored contact lenses let you do so. 

And if you buy from contactlenses4us.com, you do not even have to show a prescription. However, there are certain things to consider in order to wear contact lenses safely.

  1. Get an eye exam

If you are wearing lenses for the first time, you should always first get an eye exam even though you will be wearing them for cosmetic purposes. If you end up buying wrong contact lenses that are too tight or have short curvature, it can cause abrasions in your eyes leading to irritation. 

Because the eyes are highly sensitive organs, wearing wrongly fitted lenses can cause damage. An eye doctor will not only give you the perfect-fitting lenses but also instruct you regarding how to wear them properly. 


  1. Avoid Using Circle and Anime Lenses

These type of lenses are becoming very popular as they make the eyes appear bigger. However, it is not recommend to wear them. The reason being, they are too large and might not fit properly, and they may cut the oxygen supply to your eyes. 

These lenses are 2- 3 times more likely to lead to corneal infections. If you really want to make your eyes appear bigger, you can use make up and contouring, which is a safer option

  1. Visit a Reputable Provider

Avoid using unauthorized websites that sell contact lenses, however, www.contactlenses4us.com is completely safe. Illegal vendors may carry unapproved colored contact lenses. 

The problem that lies with buying from street vendors, flea markets, beauty stores, beach shops, convenience stores, etc. is that the lenses are usually one size fits all. However, every person has different eyes.  

  1. Dispose of Contacts On Time

Colored contact lenses come with a time frame from one day to several days. Even the long-term wear lenses should be stored in the solution for 30 days at the most. If you are not going to wearing them within 30 days, it is a good idea to dispose them

  1. Do Not Share Contacts 

You never know if your friend has some eye infection that they are not aware of. Or, probably the lenses that your friend wears might be too small or too large for your eyes. The colored contact lenses with improper fitting may cause abrasion and eye damage.

Similarly, if you let your friend wear your contacts, they might run the risk of getting eye infections, damage, or abrasion. The human body is as complex as it can be. What suits your eyes might not suit your friend’s.

  1. Follow Directions

Buying from authentic sources like www.contactlenses4us.com has a benefit that your colored contact lenses come with instructions to follow. This reduces the risk of getting eye infections due to improper usage as per the instructions. Also, various brands and types of contact lenses have different directions. Always ensure to follow those directions. 

Author: Himani Rathore

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