Published On: Thu, May 16th, 2019

Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riding can be a lot of fun and exciting; but at the same time, it is also very risky. The fatality rate when it comes to motorcycle accidents is 26 times that of car accidents. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned biker; you will have to make sure you always ride safe. Here are a few tips that will help you avoid motorcycle accidents:

Always wear safety gear

The use of helmet may or may not be mandatory in your state; yet, wearing one can protect you from fatal injuries, most of the times. Apart from a helmet, it is also recommended that you invest in a few other safety gear such as riding boots, knee guard, elbow guard that can protect your body from injuries and make your riding more comfortable. While riding at night, make it a point to wear a safety jacket or a reflective vest in a bright color so that the other drivers can see you better.

Maintain an appropriate speed

For many, motorcycle riding is all about speeding. However, this can turn fatal if you do it on active roads. It is very important to obey traffic laws and keep a control on your pace while riding. You need to take extra precaution while riding on wet, slippery, or icy pavements. You have to reduce your speed while turning so that you don’t crash into or wipe out any unforeseen obstacle.

Remain vigilant at all times

It is driver error that causes most of the motorcycle accidents. Not at all times will the drivers on the road be able to see you. This is why you have to be on constant alert. Watch out for any gaps in traffic, big enough for a car to maneuver through. Be extra careful at intersections and stop signs.

Avoid door zones and blind zones

Many a time motorcyclists may not be visible from the side and rear view mirrors of cars. As a result the cars might turn or switch lanes leading to accidents. If you want to stay out of the blind zone, make sure you position yourself at the front of the other vehicles. You need to be in the driver’s line of sight. Also avoid the areas between parked cars and traffic lanes. There is no way to know when a car door might open directly into your bike, causing a collision.

Maintain your tires and other parts

Proper maintenance of your motorcycle is very important if you want to be a safe rider. Make sure all the parts of your motorcycle are in good and working condition. Make it a point to check your tires, lights, brakes, and exhaust system on a regular basis. Change tires when necessary.

These tips do help in avoiding most of the motorcycle accidents; yet there may be some accidents that are inevitable. When they do happen and cause serious injuries, you might be faced with mounting medical bills and loss of pay at work. Contacting Stephens Law firm might be a good way to reduce some of those financial burdens. Find out from their experts what you can do, to claim compensation for damages in case you meet with a motorcycle accident.

Author: Nataliya Stefanus

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