Published On: Thu, Nov 9th, 2017

Tips to Help You Select the Best Electric Carts for Your Facility

Moving heavy loads within any facility requires use of machinery that provides effective solutions to this problem. Thanks to technology, material handling cart tugs have evolved to provide effective solutions for facilities of every kind. If you want to address any issues arising from the carts you use, you should consider electric powered cart tugs. These will help transform how you move loads from one place to another.

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The electric option is ideal for any facility that is looking to cut down maintenance costs. These carts require minimal maintenance. Since they utilize clean energy, you will not have to deal with floors stained with leaked oil. These are also great for your workers, especially when they need to push or pull loads from one place to another. They will strain less and evade serious injuries that arise from pulling or pushing heavy loads all day.

With the electric option, you will find that your workers do more in less time. Since these carts or tugs can handle heavy loads, you will clear more loads during the working hours effectively. When it comes to acquiring the electric cart or tug for your facility, you need to consider a few things. This way, you will end up with equipment that will suit your business operations perfectly. As you set out to look at catalogues or visit shops, ensure you have thought through your selection well.

Match your load carrying needs

Facilities have different needs depending on the type of operations that take place there. It is best to consider your operational needs to match with the cart or tug that you buy. If your operations require movement of heavy loads, you should find a cart that can handle it. If you get a cart that has lower capacity, you may spend more hours than necessary carting loads. If you get equipment that can handle a capacity beyond your operations, you will most probably spend more on equipment you do not need. Match the electric cart you buy with how your facility operates.

Consider the work environment

Find an electric cart tug that will handle the environment where you work. Advanced cart tugs are versatile and can therefore handle different work environments and needs. You will find some where you can interchange the load baskets and platforms to offer you more versatility in the application. Others can handle rough terrain and come in handy where you need to carry loads outdoor or over uneven ground. Other carts work well in tight spaces. Go for a cart tug that effectively matches the types of loads you carry as well as where you carry them.

Availability of staff to handle the cart

Although electric cart tugs are easy to operate, some may require specialized handling. This is more so if the work environment requires enhanced safety guides. Having safety in mind should take you to the right cart tug. Consider the personnel you have that will handle the cart tug and whether you will require additional training for staff. Training enhances effective and safe use of the cart tugs.

Author: Charlie Brown

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