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Tips to Design Website for a Law Firm

Competition in the legal industry is increasing consistently. You have to take special measures to promote your law firm. Remember, you will need a website to stand out in the crowd. With an attractive website, you can grab the attention of clients. Great branding is essential along with colors and logo.

A brand should discriminate you among others like Santa Ana criminal lawyer. See their website; they are just amazing in their services and promotion of these services. Your website should reflect your brand. See these tips to design a website for your law firm.

Name of Law Firm and Logo

An attorney website design must have a logo to build brand recognition. It will allow clients to recognize your offline and online posts instantly. Use a legal name of your law firm in the URL of your site instead of matching a title with your domain. This practice was famous in the early days of the internet, but nowadays, it can hurt your SEO rank.

Use Brand Colors

A good website can help you to stand out from the crowd. A website with premade themes may not work well. Try to use the colors of your brand. Feel free to use it as a background, calls-to-action and on buttons. You can add some visual separation to some sections of your site.

Fortunately, WordPress themes are available with numerous customization options. It is easy to incorporate the colors of your brand in different sections of your site. Remember, there must be sufficient contrast between text and background. Moreover, save bright colors in the palette, such as oranges or red for calls-to-action to make everything visible.

Pay Attention to Advantages

It is essential to find out essential points that can discriminate you from your competitors. Your website design should emphasize your area of practice. Your USP (unique selling point) will help you to get more clients. Use your advantages in headings or on About page. Try to incorporate your benefits in a tagline.

5 Ways To Get Large Traffic To The Websites

Websites and blogs are designed for different purposes, either to promote your goods and services or to share your thoughts to the world. Website designing is not a big deal, but its promotion requires a great deal of time and efforts. You have to generate maximum traffic to your website. Without visitors, you will not get any chance to earn revenue.

Majority of business organizations spend money to increase the traffic of their website. Some people take advantage of SEO techniques to get lots of people on their website. If you cannot spend money on the promotion of your website, do not worry as there are five easy ways to get massive traffic to the site.

photo/ Gerd Altmann via pixabay

Exchange Links

It is an easy but perfect way to increase traffic on your website. Just put a link of your website on another popular website and enjoy its benefits. After link exchange, you will surely notice a dramatic increase in the traffic of your website from another site. You have to search a website with same niche or content so that you can easily exchange your link with it.

To increase the interest of the target audience, both websites should work on the same subject. After link exchange, you will get double benefits from it in the form of traffic and high ranking in search engine results. A good ranking will surely drive maximum traffic to your website without any cost.

Exchange Traffic

It is a quite different technique to get maximum traffic on your website. In traffic exchange, other people can view pages of your site. Both parties will get benefits from each other’s contents. Visitors of other sites can come to your pages to know more about your site. It is one of the best techniques to generate traffic for your website by increasing awareness among the public.

List Your Firm with My Business Google

Feel free to list your firm with My Business Google. This platform is free and requires your necessary information like industry, website, location, and business name. Use code to verify your business. After confirming your business, you can enter relevant information, such as description and business hours. It may increase the visibility of your website.

Get the Advantage of Social Listening

Share different case studies on your site to highlight your expertise and legal knowledge. Your website should demonstrate results for clients. With social listening, it will be easy to create engaging content. It is an excellent way to drive organic traffic. Feel free to use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Use unique hashtags and keywords related to your law industry.

Write Articles on Online Encyclopedias

You can quickly get free space on different online encyclopedias to post your articles. It is the best technique to save your promotional cost and to get free traffic. Just write an interesting article about law or according to the interest of your target audience, and publish it on an online platform.

Include a resource box at the end of your article and share a link of your website for its promotion. If you are unable to write an article, take services of a freelance writer who can write for you at low cost.

Design a Newsletter

Newsletter designing will help you a lot in this regard because freelance writers will help you a lot. You can take the services of some writers because lots of writers are willing to provide you free article. You have to write their name in someplace on newsletter, and they will happily offer you their masterpiece. Spread your newsletter among the public to increase awareness about your website.

Get Registered for Online Communities and Forums

Get registration of free online communities and forums, and start promotion of your website. It is expense free and easy way that requires your time only. Just share your knowledge, take part in debates, answer different questions, and share your links at the bottom of your answers. It will provide you free advertisement benefits for your website.  

Choosing Perfect Free Blog Provider

Are you interested in creating your blog and looking for the right domain name? Several free options are available on the internet with a claim to provide the best services, but you have to be careful while selecting any of them.

You have to analyze your needs and the quality of their services before selecting any blog provider. It is a difficult task for newbie to find appropriate blog provider, but the following are some tips that will help you to choose perfect free blog provider:

Check Support Quality

Support is the primary factor that should be checked before selecting any free blog provider. The right blog provider should provide your all required things and live chat support so that you can get information about different issues without any problem.

Research Thoroughly Before Selection

Market research is necessary before selecting any blog provider because different providers are available with their plans. You can choose anyone according to your requirements but do not forget to collect information about the effectiveness and popularity of services.

Check Reviews of Users

If you want to check the popularity and effectiveness of any blog provider, it will be better to read reviews of its users. You can Google about specific blog provider to know about current issues and reviews of their clients on its services.

Performance of Your Website

Navigation speed will gauge the performance of your website, so make sure to check the performance and speed of blogs already managed by your selected blog provider. Ask for the necessary equipment and server hardware specs to increase the loading speed of your website.

Top Free Blog Providers

If you are looking for a free blog provider for your blog, the following choices will prove beneficial for you:

Google Sites

It is the latest addition in the apps of Google family with different features like RSS feeds, blog posts, forms, and static pages. Various designs and layouts are available; you can quickly adapt your favorite appearance for your blog.


It is another popular content management platform with different features. You can easily control your posts and can install various tools to run your own blogs. WordPress is available in two different flavors, including WordPress.com and WordPress.org. If you are running your blog under WordPress.Org, it will be easy for you to set it on your servers and can reset its settings with some primary programming language.


Weebly is the most useful and frequently used blogging platform that will help you to design a quick blog. You can use different templates and widgets to control the appearance of your website. It will be an ideal platform for those who do not have the necessary money and time. Designing a blog on Weebly is simple because of its powerful interface. It is easy to customize according to your desires, but you may have to compromise over some controls.

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