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Tips on Unique Bachelor Party Planning

Your mate is getting married. However, there is a big night to celebrate before the big day. Since you are selected to be your friend’s best man in his wedding, there are lots of important responsibilities on your shoulder, and one of them throwing your friend the greatest bachelor party of all time.

Most people think that planning a bachelor party is such a simple task, but it is one of the most nuanced, danger-fraught, and complicated things a man-person will ever do. So if you’re wondering where to begin planning, here are some bachelor party ideas to get you started on planning a night where the groom-to-be will have the time, and be glad for picking you as best man.

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  • Consider Your Budget


The groom-to-be never pays for anything on his bachelor party – a general rule of thumb. Before making plans, go ahead and have that discussion with the group. It is essential to get that money stuff out of the way, don’t wait until you’re halfway in and one of the group members raise his hand to ask how much it will all cost. Planning can also be a cost-effective way to have a great time and feel good without having to economize along the way.


  • Who Do You Invite?


Inevitably, the groom-to-be will over-confidently assume everyone invited will want to cast aside whatever family, life, and work obligations they have to spend a few days with him. So it is up to you as the groom right-hand man to reset and revise his expectations. You should also urge him to keep a small a group as possible.

The groom may also want to follow the standard wedding etiquette and invite the critical member of the family-in-law including the brother-in-law. As usual, all the groomsmen will be present as well as anyone close to the groom.


  • What You Should Do For The Bachelor Party


  • A Regular Bachelor Party at the Strip Club:

  This is inevitable, at least one will insist that a bachelor party is incomplete unless naked women are involved, but don’t let his option be the deciding factor. It is going to come down to the groom preference, so you should talk to him and see what he feels about it. You should respect the groom’s decision and don’t force it on him if he doesn’t want strippers. It won’t be fun or do any good if he hates it.

 However, if he doesn’t mind or the strippers are a must, you should have already gotten info on the best strip clubs and know where to go. You can also choose to have the strippers come to you, at a friend’s home or hotel, this means you’ll get less overhead costs and more undivided attention. On the other hand, going to a strip club ensure you guys don’t have to wait around for the strippers, and you’ll get feeling of a club setting and camaraderie.


  • Some Fun Activities for the Sports Fans:


For the sports fans, organize your tournament. You can make custom T-shirts or any order customized accessories. Of course after party drinks is a must for any activities. The kind of sports suitable for bachelor parties includes Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and Golf. If you are more of a sports fan than players, you can rent a party bus to see a local game. And you can make it more fun by organizing a post-game pub crawl, tailgating, or getting the stadium to acknowledge the groom-to-be by putting his name up on the scoreboard.  


  • Place Your Bets on Bachelor Party:


It wouldn’t be a bachelor weekend without the traditional stag parties, and Queenstown does not disappoint. Queenstown’s greatest stag parties have everything you need to make it the most memorable night. If you don’t know what club to hit, you can hire party planners who will get you into all the hottest clubs with no waiting. The planners can also arrange packages that include limousine service, dinners, gentlemen’s clubs, and more.

Outdoorsy Bachelor Party: If the groom-to-be is a lover of the outdoors, then you should consider the nature (ensure you pack lots of beer). Whether you plan a hiking trip, climbing, camping, and wakeboarding, whitewater rafting, skydiving, or fishing, it’s guaranteed to include serious bonding time. And at the end of a fun-filled day, don’t forget to gather around the bonfire and share some stories.

Gain Some Pounds: Plan a road trip and go to one of the best steakhouses and be prepared to gain some pounds by treating food as a celebration. In addition to the steaks, you can eat some posh nosh like crab and lobster. After that, you can take a limo to a whiskey bar where you can relax and share some stories about life.

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