Published On: Fri, Apr 1st, 2016

Tips on How to Get Upgraded to Business Class

How far are you ready to go to get upgraded to first or business class? Cheapfirstclass.com has conducted a survey and found out about the ways of getting a flight upgrade. Some of them are pretty bizarre yet in most cases they do the trick.

Fly when business people do not.

There are many empty seats in a business class section on bank holidays, so the chances that you may ask for and get an upgrade are very high. Also, business people are less active during certain times of the year as well as on some days of the week.

Be a loyal passenger.

To make certain that you’ll be upgraded first if there are many people who also want to, become a participant of the airline’s loyalty program. Even if you’ve just joined the program, you’ll have a benefit over other passengers when it comes to upgrading. Make sure you have a partnership card with you.

Come early.

Since there may be only a couple of upgrade places available, you should come to the airport well in advance before the departure time. If you are first to arrive to check in, the spare seats in business class can become yours and even for free. If you don’t get an upgrade, at least you’ll check in without standing in a long queue.

photo TheAndrasBarta Pixabay

photo TheAndrasBarta Pixabay

Arrive at the last minute.

It is quite risky to be late in order to get bumped up but it may work if you are lucky enough. This is an option for those who didn’t reserve a seat but hope that a flight will be overbooked and they will get a first or business class seat. The trickiest part lies in how late you’ll arrive. There is a chance you may come after the check-in or the upgrades might have been already given to other passengers.

Check your email.

Some airlines email their clients a couple of hours before the departure time offering an upgrade (usually cheap not free). Very often, if you call the airport and ask about a deal, the answer will be no. At the same time, your email box may contain an email offering an advantageous upgrade. The point is that you should check your email regularly in order not to miss your chance.

Get emotional and theatrical.

The human factor can be your key to getting a business class seat. Imagine the situation: you first flight was overbooked, you had to wait for the next, and when you are at your change you have to wait for your connecting flight. Get furious and throw a tantrum. Add tears to be more convincing and they will find a business class ticket on the nearest flight to get rid of you.

Change your diet.

You should know that there are some cases when people who are a kind of oversize are upgraded from economy to first class. Think about it. Maybe it getting fat is worth getting bumped up.

Be nice and charming.

Again, human factor can be decisive when asking for an upgrade. Be as nice as possible with the check-in staff and flight attendants. Even if you don’t get upgraded, your efforts may be rewarded with some other benefits.

Dress well.

To maximize your chances, look your best. Leave your sweatpants and sweatshirts at home and dress sharp to demonstrate that you are the one who deserves to be upgraded from economy to business class.

Author: Adam Smith

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