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Tips on choosing the water taxi in Venice

Have you a planned trip to Venice coming up? Well, the best part of Venice is it has its streets divided by canals. That would make Water Taxis the best ever mode of transportation, more so if you are right out of the airport. In fact, they tend to be one of the fastest and convenient mode of transport while you are in Venice. However, if you want to enjoy the water taxi service to the best possible extent, you need to be aware of how this water taxi business is organised and working. The experience can indeed be a little tougher for the first time visitors to Venice. However, we would help you with the things you need to take care of while choosing the Venice water taxi for your transportation needs while in the city.

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Tips on Choosing The Water Taxi in Venice

Water Taxi can indeed be the most glamorous way of entering into the city of Love – Venice. However, the experience does come with a few issues you may need to address. Let us enlighten you on how to make your water taxi ride a memorable one.

The tips we share here should help your venture a memorable one. Enjoy your trip and share your thoughts.

Water taxis can be expensive

Yes, the water taxi ride can be quite expensive. A ride from the airport is expected to cost around 100 Euros. But they come with an advantage. They can accommodate more people, and this will let you share the cost if you can arrange a small group.

Of course, you can hire water taxi in two ways – Private or Shared. Opting for sharing would let you share the cost as well. In fact, that is what we would suggest if you are not too much choosey about your privacy.

Order a Taxi In Advance

Make sure you have ordered the water taxi before you actually reach the destination. Opting for registration just at the moment can be quite risky and make you spend unrealistically higher prices. The taxi stations are available at major locations and important transportation areas.

Do note that a few American and British travel agents tend to charge exorbitant prices. The best option would be to go with the water taxi cooperative desk at the at the arrival point of the Venice airport.

Learn how to Balance!

The water taxi pilot is not supposed to leave the boat. That would make carrying your luggage a little of an issue. Carrying the baggage and lifting it to the pier can be a little tougher. There can also be a huge gap depending upon the pier and the boat.

This can make it a little difficult to enter or exit the taxi. In fact, the gap can change due to high and low tides. Ensure that you can learn the best balancing act to handle the entry and exit between the boat and the pier.

Take Care of Unlicensed Taxis

Well, this is what has been ailing almost all the popular tourist destinations. Check the credentials of the water taxi you are opting for. The unlicensed water taxi owners can indulge in swindling the gullible tourists.

The licensed taxis have yellow strips for an easier identification. Ensure that the water taxi you have chosen has the license number properly inscribed. Staying safe in an unknown country should be your prime concern.

The Taxis are the Faster Options

Of course, you have access to several other options for the transportation. In fact, the road transport option would not be a good option. In fact, if you are carrying heavy luggage and would want to move in a hurry, water taxis should be the best you can opt for.

Water taxis allow you avoid the frequent shuttles while moving through the bus. The ferries on the other hand can be a little riskier option as you would be forced to manage and handle your luggage on the move. The water taxi option would be a lot easier and faster than the alternative options.

The Concluding Thoughts

The water taxis can indeed be considered to be the lifeline of the Venice city. They are the most convenient options for moving around the city and tend to be the faster option at that. However, as we stated before, they can be quite expensive compared to the other transportation options.

We would assure you that following the guidelines and tips featured above should be helpful in making use of one of the most unique concepts in the transportation methods and make your Venice trip more memorable one.

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