Published On: Wed, Jan 17th, 2018

Tips for springtime lawn care for keeping it green and beautiful throughout the year

Having a lawn at home is what most homeowners crave.  It is like an oasis amidst the steel and concrete that provides the much-needed space for getting close to nature and helps you to breathe easy. It does not require having a big lawn, even a small patch of green grass in the backyard could turn into a paradise of tranquil escape. The backyard that looked so boring suddenly becomes the center of attraction of the property when you convert it into a small grassy lawn that seems like a patch of green velvet that spices up your life. The beauty of lawns increases the curb appeal of homes and enhances the property value by providing the aesthetic touch to the property that also carries signs of healthy living.

Spring is the time when the air fills with the humming of lawn mowers, and every household gets busy to spruce up the lawn for summer.  The winter had created conditions that encouraged the growth of weeds and spread of diseases. It is now time to clear the debris and dead grass, properly clean the lawn and ensure that it remains healthy and lush green during the warm season. Here are some quick tips for lawn care that starts in spring.

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Remove the thatch with a rake

Grass shoots that are dying or dead manifest in the lawn during winter and it forms thatch that can suffocate the lawn. Spring-cleaning begins by removing thatch that encourages disease and pests. Begin by taking away the debris during the beginning of the growth period so that the grass gets time to recover properly from the rough treatment of debris removal. Power raking may be required for removing thick thatch or else manual rake is good enough.

Do soil testing for pH

Winter can alter the soil pH that has to be between five and seven to facilitate healthy growth of grass.  Test the soil pH and make corrections as necessary. To control alkaline or too high pH add sulfate with a broadcast spreader and to push up the low acidic pH, you have to add lime to the soil. Once you have done the additions, test the soil after 30 days to see the results.

Water the lawn

Arrange for watering the lawn. The extent of watering depends on the type of turf you want to have.  While bigger lawns might need an elaborate irrigation system, if the size of the lawn is small you can use sprinkler with a basic timer. Early morning watering is essential and set up the sprinkler and time together with a garden hose.

Maintain discipline in mowing

Do not mercilessly mow the grass so that it shows the scalp of the lawn. Adjust the mower blades so that you cut grass not more than the top third of the blade. Cutting more would put stress on the grass that could turn brown that looks ugly.  

For keeping the lawn healthy, mow the lawn in varied directions as it ensures uniform cut and the growth pattern remains upright.

  Author: Charlie Brown

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