Published On: Sat, Feb 4th, 2017

Tips for Shopping for Plus Sized Summer Clothing

For some people, shopping for a new summer wardrobe is an exciting and fun adventure, for others it can be a source of frustration and stress. If you are a plus-sized woman who is on the hunt for brand new summer digs, and you want to be sure you spend your money wisely, then you’ll appreciate these tips that keep style, fashion, fit, and comfort in mind.

Don’t Fall for Higher Price Tags

There are more and more shops popping up that cater to plus size clothing. While this is great from a selection point of view, many of these stores tend to feature higher price tags. Once in a while it’s nice to splurge, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

When visiting these types of stores head to the sales rack. This may mean you need to shop out of season, which requires a little planning on your end, but it can save a lot of money in the end. Another tip is to ask if they have a VIP program, an email list, or anything that offers customer incentives. You may get access to discount codes, promotions, and special sales.

photo/ Manuel Alejandro Leon via Pixabay

Always Try Items On

Simply stating that you know your size, and that’s the size you’ve been for years, just isn’t going to cut it. Every store has their own cut and designs, which mean the items will fit differently. You may even want to grab one item in a couple of sizes so that you can compare the fit. This is especially important if you are buying final sale and clearance items that you won’t be able to return.

Remember the perfect fit is one that is flattering and comfortable on your body. The item shouldn’t be pulling in any spots, nor should it be overly loose and baggy.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Good Bra

If you find that your tops just aren’t doing you justice and they don’t seem to fit or hang properly, then there is a good chance you’re in the wrong bra. Finding the right size and fit is imperative for any woman of any size. It’s best to visit a store that offers professional fitting so you know you’re in the right bra. This is one area where spending a little extra money will be well worth it.

Grab the Basics First

While it’s fun to grab a bunch of trendy pieces and accessories, if you don’t have the basics to pair with them then you’ll be left with an incomplete wardrobe. This is why it’s best to start with the basic pieces and build from there. Basic pieces are things such as a straight or pencil skirt, a pair of lightweight trousers (linen works well for summer), lightweight straight-leg jeans with stretch in them, a structured blazer, and blouses for work. Each of these items is ideal for a curvy figure and will help to show off your shape and flatter you.

The same can be said for footwear, you will want to grab the basics first. When purchasing items for your summer wardrobe it’s wise to grab a pair of heels in a neutral or nude tone, and then a pair of sandals that can be dressed up or down.

Don’t Shy Away from Swimwear

Shopping for swimwear can be a source of stress for any woman. By going in with a few tips in mind you can make the process much smoother and even fun. When shopping for plus size swimwear you want to be sure you’re getting a garment that is well constructed so it offers proper coverage and support. This will ensure your curves are flattered and that you feel beautiful and confident. Plus size designer swimwear is often recommended because of the high-quality fabric and well-thought out designs.

Keep Things Fun with Accessories

Once you’ve picked up all the basics it’s time to add a little fun to the wardrobe, and this can be done through accessories. Typically, you will want to lean towards lightweight scarves, drop earrings, and long necklaces. Accessories that are chunky, bulky, and short don’t usually work well. This is also an area where opting for cheap pieces make sense. Accessories are trendy items, so with that said there’s a good chance you won’t wear them year after year.

A Flattering and Trendy Wardrobe

By following these tips and getting to know what looks and feels best on you, you’ll be able to put together a flattering and trendy summer wardrobe that will be the envy of all your friends.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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