Published On: Mon, Dec 3rd, 2018

Tips for Properly Grooming a Beard

Having a long beard is quite tricky. On the one hand, you feel like you have a better appearance if you have it, but you also don’t know how to maintain it properly. Therefore, if your goal is to look great, it could lead to the exact opposite if you fail to groom your beard well. Here are tips for grooming when growing a beard.

Keep the beard clean and moisturised

If you don’t keep the beard clean, it will start getting itchy. Therefore, you need to wash and moisturise it regularly. Once it gets dry, it becomes itchy, prompting you to shave everything off. You can use specialist beard shampoo to keep the beard clean and healthy, but you may also use beard balm to add moisture. If you’re going to use a blow-dryer, be sure to keep it on a low heat. This will prevent any heat damage that could otherwise occur.

photo/ Jakob Owens via Unsplash

Set a style in mind

You can style your beard depending on how you want to look. If you have a circular or round face, you might want to have a beard with sharp lines. It creates edges on your otherwise round face. If you have an angular face, you want your beard to have thicker sides to create proportion.

Create a routine

When you decide to grow a beard, you need to stay committed to it. You need to set a time for washing and conditioning the beard. It might be several times a week, but you need to be diligent in doing it. Despite your busy schedule, you need to find time for beard maintenance.

Use the right tools

You want to have a long beard, but you can’t keep it growing in different directions. You need to use a beard trimmer to ensure that it grows the way you want it to. You can use scissors and a comb if you don’t have a trimmer at home. Try practising on a small portion first to see if you can adequately control your hands when trimming the beard. However, you need to remember not to shave your beard when it is wet. You might end up cutting more than what you should.

Watch your diet

You don’t necessarily think of diet when looking at beard grooming. However, nutrition plays an essential role in the growth of your beard. You need to have a diet which is rich in Omega-3 and avoid drinking alcohol. Excessive alcohol intake could dehydrate the hair.

Comb the beard well

You don’t leave your house without combing your hair. You need to think the same way when combing your beard. You need different types of combs including a narrow tooth comb, a wide tooth comb and a beard brush. You want to untangle the hair and keep it soft.

With these tips for maintaining a beard, you can ensure that you will still look neat and clean. Some men look great with a long beard, but a lack of proper maintenance could lead to a disastrous look. Therefore, you need to remember these beard maintenance tips.

Author: Joana Green

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