Published On: Tue, Mar 10th, 2020

Tips for Finding Incredible Real Estate Deals


With more and more folks are getting into the real estate business, everyone wants to know how to find the best and incredible real estate deals among the competition.

Most of the real estate investors and agents make a common mistake of finding the best property deals on the multiple listing service (MLS) as the solitary source of finding the property deals. But it is a fact that most of the properties get bought or sold eve before investors and agents visit the MLS. Knowing how to find the best real estate deals is the secret to successfully invest in the property and there are so many ways to find profitable deals other than MLS.

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Here is a bunch of useful tips for finding the incredible real estate deals every day before getting late.

Bank-foreclosed properties

Looking for foreclosed properties is a great strategy used by real estate investors and agents to find discounted and profitable deals. Such properties are ones the lender had to take away from a borrower after many missed mortgages. Such properties are relisted for sale and then waiting for buyers. This is where you can invest your money for a handsome profit. Banks and individual money lenders get such properties sold as quickly as possible so you should be aware of such opportunities to get your hands on. however, you should learn about the foreclosures in your market and visit some of the properties to find a good one to invest your money in.

Build Strong Connections with Local Agents

Contact as many real estate agents as you can so you can have plenty of options when it comes to find a better deal. Make a list of local real estate agents with contact details who are good with other investors and offer reliable services. Develop strong relations with realtors and agents who know your area well and are aware of the property deals in town. A lot of online agent comparison services are also available. Going through the UpNest Reviews will give you an idea of how property buyers and sellers are satisfied with their local agent comparison service and getting good deals by finding the best local agents.

Find Asset Managers at Banks and local Agents with Properties Details before they are listed on MLS

Snatching up good property deals with no competition is great. So, try to find the asset managers and agents with property details before they are listed on MLS. It helps you grab the opportunity even before others know. In this way, you can earn bigger profits by buying and selling real estate properties.


Effective marketing is a great way to get more deals on your way. Spend some time on creating targeted marketing campaigns to make sure you are aware of all the best and profitable property listing in your town. It also helps you negotiate with the owner to buy properties on good rates.

For Sale by Owner

Properties sold directly by the owners are often not listed on online properties channels. So, try to find the homes and other real estate properties for sale by owners and get an opportunity to negotiate directly with the seller. Whether you are driving or hanging out with family or friends, keep an eye on the for sale by owner sign boards or advertisements as it is a great way to find motivated sellers with good rates.

Respond to Property Ads

Make a habit to respond each add related to the property in newspaper, social media, cargalist and other publications as you can get many motivated property sellers in posted ads. Be sure to make a list of ads responded and get contact details from sellers so you can easily follow up for future sales. By doing so, you can have more contact details about the real estate experts, realtors, sellers and agents.

Invest in Facebook Ads

Facebook is an ideal marketing platform for businessmen and marketers. It should be your ideal too. Properly created Facebook ads can help you reach the target audience who is involved in property buy and sell. Let them know you are looking for property deals so they can contact you to provide more opportunities.

Word of Mouth

Start with your friends and family. Let them know what you do and let you know if they know a real estate property or home available for purchase. Most of the best deals can come your way by people you know.

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