Published On: Sun, Mar 3rd, 2019

Tips for Finding a New Office Space Before Leaving the Old One

The primary reason why you leased an office space was that you were uncertain if you wished to stay in the same place for good. When you rent, you can move out of the area after the contract is over. If that time has come, you are now in a dilemma. You need to decide whether you will renew the contract, or you will move to a new place.

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Evaluate the status of your business before you decide. If you have a growing number of employees and the space is not enough to accommodate everyone, it might be time to consider other locations. You might also have an expanded business now that caters to more clients. If the current space cannot hold all of them, you need a different office space.

Start planning early

Go back to your contract and determine when it ends. If it is only three months away, you need to start looking for a new office. You might say that it is still several months from now, but it is not easy finding the right location. If you want to avoid rushing in the end, you need to start soon. No one wants to have only a few days to find a place and move all the items from the old office into the new one.

Create a moving committee

If you already have a growing business, you might need to appoint someone to manage the moving process. This person will be in charge of searching for the new office space and advising the employees on what they need to do in preparation for the move. You might even have employees who will decide to leave your business if they do not feel comfortable with the new location. The moving committee under the supervision of the manager will help deal with these situations.

Find a popular commercial building

You might want to consider a popular location this time. Apart from accessibility, it also means a lot if you have an office space in that area. It shows that you are a part of the top businesses in the city. You might have to pay more to lease office space there, but it would be worth the cost in the end. Besides, you are also making it easy for your employees who commute if the building is in an area where there are public transportation options available.

Compare the options

You should not sign a new lease on the first office space that you find just because you find the location to be perfect. You might find other deals out there. You need to consider the area and the cost of the lease per month. You also need to check how long the contract will run if you decide to sign now. You can ask your friends in the industry or the people working in the same commercial building if they find the location to be perfect.

Hire a cleaning company

After finding the new office space, it is time to pack your bags and leave the old office. As a sign of respect to your landlord, you need to hire a cleaning company London to provide end of tenancy cleaning services. They will make sure that place looks new again before you leave.

Author: Oliver Samson

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